Panda Film vs. Mylar

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    I have used both Mylar and Panda Film, and from what I have seen, the Panda Film seems to keep my grow room at a much lower relative temp (compared to the temperature outside the grow room.)

    Does anyone know if this is true? What are your opinions on the topic?

    P.S. - I'm still learning. Look at my grow, and tell me if there is anything I can be doing better!

  2. Mylar is what emergency blankets are made out of so it makes sense that you would get higher temps with it.
  3. if mylar is not laid across your wall like glass it will create hot spots where the light reflects. plus it sucks to clean. panda film rocks!!!
  4. Yeh, mylar is slightly more reflective on the plus side, but other than that like other said, it keeps in heat, problematic if not completely flat on the wall, and I've noticed that it tears easily and just kindof a pain to work with. More expensive too.

    Panda film wins.

  5. get one little tear and its over with. plus if it creases its there for life:mad:
  6. I will only use panda wrap, including insulation for the super ACs.
  7. +1 on panda film.
  8. What about this ORCA stuff
    [ame=]YouTube - ORCA Grow Film vs. Diffuse Mylar Performance Test.MOV[/ame]

    Looks awesome.

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