Panda film for walls

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by apoptosis, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Hi. Because I live in a rental house and I'm low on funds, I dont want to build large, heavy walls that cost a lot of money. What are the disadvantages to setting up a 10x8 room, framed with 2x4's and walled with plastic poly film?

    I'm not worried about theives because I dont talk to anyone.
    I'm not worried about cops b ecause I have a medical card.
  2. So your saying your going to sell

    no discussion of the selling of mj. None
  3. I don't see talk of selling :confused:

    It would be very difficult to light-proof and odor-proof a space walled only with panda film. If you control the whole room then I think you're OK.
  4. sorry..... i was working on something else... trippin.. my bad

    I forgot to read his post... i was looking for a question and read that he was low on funds and was trying to grow.. mashed the two together in my brain, while working on something else.

    read, process, respond... gonna work on that
  5. What do you mean if I control the whole room it would be ok? I plan on framing a room and making the walls out of panda because it's light proof and easy to tear down quickly and not as costly.

    I see no problems why this wouldnt work. Does anyone else?

    I am okay with the smell.
  6. no lots of people do it this way.. but you still have to have fresh air into your grow... like a huge inline fan pulling air out of your grow with a same sized vent letting air in

    or, you have to put a recirculating ac in there and introduce C02
  7. I think I'm going to skip on Fresh air and use CO2 because I already have a tank and regulator because I brew beer.

  8. Sweet deal
  9. I was referring to the room of the house that will contain this built-out grow space. I don't see you controlling light and odor completely with just panda film walls over framing, but if the room that this framed-out grow space is in can be kept totally dark during dark cycle and can be odor-controlled then it will work.
  10. yav got the framework right just have to use somthing more sealable y not build 2smaller rooms within n frame with mdf seal all round with silicon and use ya co2? would not cost much more me thinks?

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