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Panda Express?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheOldReliable, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hello. Have any of you had a job with Panda Express? If so how was it? and did you get a drug test before employment? :)
  2. drug tests depends on which one you're applying at =P

    Panda Express, i'd imagine it be like any other fast food / china buffet place :D lots of loud screaming and lots of wokin
  3. Never worked for panda express. But if you want a job stop smoking or find something that will help you pass DTs. You can't just apply to one place. Or only apply places where they don't drug test. In this economy if you want a job you need to apply to ever place that has an opening. Whether they drug test or not. If its just a summer thing then take a t-break.
  4. Thanks for the advice but I think I understand the economy and job market just fine. Just looking for some insight :)
  5. who cares if a job drugtest they dont watch you take the test just use someone elses piss
  6. if you want to get a job, you should stop smoking til you get hired... and if you don't have a job, i don't see how the fuck you're smokin anyway unless you're always moochin
  7. You are unaware. They don't just take piss tests anymore bro. They might swab your mouth also. And when you are a heavy smoker it can be hard to find clean piss. I don't know anyone who would give me clean piss anyway.
  8. Okay, so just in case you get hired and there is a drug test. Drink a bunch of water before hand. During a swab the water will dilute the amount of THC in your system. If you are a common smoker then do yourself a favor and stop smoking a month before hand. And drink a ton of water. The best way to get rid of it is to clean your body. Everything will be fine. Deep breathes lots of water.
  9. congrats on quoting a post that's nearly 5 years old and bringing a dead thread back to life
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  10. sounds like a great name for a Chinese marijuana strain ;)
  11. Zombie thread with horrible advice to boot.

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