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  1. Does anyone know where i could get ahold of some pamplets? or perhaps a flyer or two? i dont wanna join a cult..dont wanna get tossed in the brig..just want a pamplet or 40 and some flyers to go with them =) like all those jesus pamplets sept with like actuall weed facts and the money it waste. that way i could drop one here and there or give them to people that ask..but of corse not be pushy with them that would just piss people off. thanks in advance
  2. my best advice would be to inform yourself and type some up yourself, and when you do, send me the info via pm, ill print it out and do the same
  3. are you a member?
  4. of freeweedclub...yah kinda...i registered on the site and i put up the stuff

    of GC...yah
  5. i might place a pamplet or flyer every now and then but i dont even make a commitment to my God to do that ..just do it when i can =) thanks for the link think i'ma have some printing to do
  6. another good way to put the flyers go to the mall (if you have one) and just drop a stack of them in the middle of the floor somewhere and leave
  7. good idea XD ima try that too someday..i've started some fricked up growing experiment so it may take a bit to get to that but i'll start sometime this week once my arm heals a bit
  8. One thing you can do is just write out short little facts on the
    backs of all your bills. Especially the new twenties. I'm gonna
    have to start doing that again. I've been slacking the last
    couple of months.

    My favorite is

    Annual death toll
    Alcohol: 45,00
    Tobacco: 450,000
    Marijuana: 0
  9. this prohabition is starting to piss me off even more..friggen hemp could solve most of the worlds environmental problems yet i could spend life in prison for having a single plants..gotta love this country..its time to shake things up =)

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