Palo Santo - The magic wood in dancing

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    My name is Henri.

    But I am also called the older white brother.

    My mission here on earth is to teach people, also the Hopi people.

    That is why, they call me the elder brother: nevertheless this body is young.

    This is now my advice to all people on this earth:

    We have zero solutions to this. The radiation is still coming out of the plant to the air and the radiation from the sea will evaporate in hundreds of years into clouds and rain everywhere.

    The air is polluted what so ever with factories, cars etc.

    The simple plan is that you make a closed atmoshpere inside your home with plants – also then when in some time you have purified ground where the plants grow, you can truly have organic food to yourself.

    Also, have some good music to have good spirits in fighting this devil system.

    We cannot be angry but we sure can talk angry.


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