Palestinian leader rejects deal on Syria refugees

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J-DILLA, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Palestinian leader rejects deal on Syria refugees - Yahoo! News

    Is this not ironic? The PA, which does not hesitate to play the refuge victim card, refusing Palestinian refugees from Syria into the west bank?

    Then again, the syrian palestinians are already in their homeland (in syria), as most of that area was previously known as the palestinian mandate.
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    Did you even read the article you linked ?:rolleyes:

    Israel could not do the right thing and say yes. As per usual they had to attach conditions.
    Israel trying to profit from the suffering and misery of Palestinians yet again.
  3. Ah, but did not Abbas claim that all palestinians would be welcome into a future palestinian state? Now all of a sudden, that is contingent upon that they also should have the right to settle in Israel? Who is Abbas to dictate Israeli domestic policy?

    Do not compute. Either he wants to help his people caught in the civil war of Syria, or he do not.

  4. As if Abbas would ever consider taking in Syrian refugees on his own account:rolleyes:
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    If the Israeli government had an oz of compassion they would have granted Abbas's request without putting this ridiculous condition attached.
    If anyone looks bad here it is the Israeli government with their attempt to gain something from the misery of others.
    Why could Israel not have just take the humane and mature approach and grant this request ?

    Abbas was correct to give the Israeli leadership the bird.
  6. Yea, like abbas is going to accept the refugees all by himself lol.
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    Why is the Israeli condition ridiculous Aries? Who do you think will pay for the influx of more people into Samaria and Judea? The PA is broke as it is.

    The more important observation, is that Abbas is more concerned with Israeli domestic affairs than building a viable state of their own making. If getting their own state up and running, an influx of new citizens would be much welcome, despite any short-term cost.

    But no, Abbas and the PA, much like Hamas, is more concerned about getting rid of the jewish state than actually creating a good society for palestinians where they already do have authority. Hence why they got this silly idea that arab refugees from the countless wars waged against Israel, should have a right to return to Israel. Won't happen.

    Meanwhile, thousands of palestinians are held hostage in refugee camps to this arab-supremacist bullshit. Some for over half a century. Unique in the history of any conflict. You don't see Indian refugees moaning about right of return to previous hindu land that is now Pakistan? Infact, there are no Indian refugees. There were millions of them, but now they are all citizens of India.

    The palestinians living in refugee camps in Syria shouldn't do so to begin with. They should long since ago, decades ago, have been internalized as Syrian citizens. There is less cultural and language differences between those that call themselves palestinians and syrians and jordanians, than there is between norwegians, danes and swedes. They are essentially the same people. Indeed, prior to the forming of Israel, the arabs who lived in the area now known as Israel and Samaria and Judea (aka west Bank) called themselves not palestinians, but syrians.
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    Abbas approached the UN weeks ago looking to help the Palestinian refugees in Syria. Abbas made the first move.

    The condition insisted upon by Israel that the Palestinian refugees sign away their right of return ( which has been the subject of UN resolutions ) is a blatant tactic by Israel to make it impossible for Abbas to agree to.
    The dogs on the street know this as i am sure you do to. The humane and sensible thing for Israel to do would be to not attach any conditions and let these people who are in a dire situation enter the West Bank.

    To start signing away rights agreed upon by the UN would be a step backwards for Abbas and the PA. Israel and its governments who have a long and frankly disgusting history of dealing with the Palestinian people could not care less what happens to the Syrian refugees. They are yet another pawn for them to play.

    You claim that Abbas, Fatah and Hamas are on a quest to eradicate the Jews of Israel when in fact both groups have agreed that Israel has a right to exist. That old chestnut used by Israeli apologists is long dead but i am sure you are well aware of this.

    As for claiming that Abbas should be concentrating on building a state for the Palestinian people ? This is a ridiculous statement to make. Israel and its cronies have and are doing everything in their power to prevent such an occurrence. Israel has used every trick in the book to prevent a Palestinian state even going as far as threatening other states if they voted in favor of the recent UN vote on recognition. Israel had envoys hot tailing it all over the world trying to badger governments to vote no.
    Thankfully the world has opened its eyes and can see Israel for what it is now.

    The Indians who lived in what is now Pakistani land is a totally different situation. Those people could move to India not a corner of Pakistan under Pakistani control.

    The Palestinians who are in Syria today have in fact more in common with the real Israeli Jews. They share the same blood and in tests have been proven to have practically the same chromosomes. The Russian, British, US etc etc Jews who have arrived and set up shop in Israel in the last century have much less in common but because they are of the Jewish religion are treated as first class citizens by the state of Israel.
    Numerous Israeli politicians are on the record stating that there biggest fear of letting any non Jews into Israel is just that they are non Jews. They use phrases such as wanting to keep the state of Israel racially pure which is ridiculous considering that the Palestinians and original Israeli Jews are of the same blood.
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    Little bleeding heart knows not of "Taqiyya". Imagine the word from realistic and logical points of view, not ideological ones that even the people you're trying to stick up for have never followed.

  10. Another old ignorant chestnut bandied around by Israeli apologists. :rolleyes:
    Taqiyya is a Shia practice rarely used by Sunni's. The vast majority of Palestinians are Sunni.

  11. I think you're wrong.
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    Racially pure? I assume Operation Solomon, in which Israel evacuated thousands of (black) Ethiopian Jews to Israel constitutes as "racial preservation":rolleyes:

    Operation Solomon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Israel is a Jewish state, if you didn't know already....

    Here's some more Israeli propaganda:
  13. Do you consider Jews to be a race or a religion J ?
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    What do you think my answer is going to be if there are Jews of all skin colours?

    Is Christianity or Islam a race as well?

  15. How about a culture or heritage.
  16. lol.. Just as expected from the Palestinians... They even wont help their own people.
  17. I would not consider Judaism to be a race but that said maybe I am wrong. To say that Jewish people were a "separate race" has been used in the past by the likes of the Nazi scumbags as a slur but I have also read some papers online from noted Jewish academics who claim that there is a case to be made for Jews being identified as a separate race.
    The US Supreme Court came out with this in the 90's to complicate things further.
    Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb - 481 U.S. 615 (1987) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

    The reason i brought up the point that you highlighted earlier was because we have seen Israeli politicians roaring and shouting that Israel has to be kept racially pure.
    Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) who looks like he will emerge as leader of the 3rd biggest party in the Knesset after the elections has called for all Africans to be removed to preserve Israels "racial purity".
  18. Lets not start anymore threads on isreal..jdilla
    one thread should cover all the issues...
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