Palestinian activists build E1 tent 'outpost' in West Bank

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  1. This is cool. :cool:

    Israeli settlers use the same tactics at times to make new settlements. They move in overnight and set up camps. Fair is fair.

    Palestinian activists build E1 tent 'outpost' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

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    A statement from the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee explained:
    Defying occupier, Palestinians establish
  3. So now we have palestinian settlers ? I give them a week or two before the idf will evacuate them.
  4. Not really settlers if there on there own land.
  5. Yea, but its not theres... ;) israel have control on that land. )))
  6. Obviously not too much control. ;)

    I court order was put in place to stop the eviction.
  7. Lets talk in a week or two ..
  8. Oh I agree, I am pretty sure the IDF are coming, it's what they do.
  9. Actually the Police .. But whatever ..
  10. Just give the Arabs their own autonomous state already.....

  11. ...and now the camp have been cleared by Israeli police. I guess Bibi have run out of patience, not twiddling his thumbs for the six days the Israeli High Court allowed the protestors to stay. But I guess, better to remove a couple of hundred protestors without resorting to violence, than risk many times that of protestors later on that might have required more brute force to disperse.
  12. Just so everyone is clear, this is what the west bank looks like


    I'm not one to advocate getting involved in other peoples shit, but ffs we need stop enabling it asap.
  13. Told'ya ))
  14. A success by anyone's standards. :)
    The hypocrisy of the Israeli government has once again been beamed around the world.

  15. Everyone knew they would be removed. Even the protesters knew that. That was all part of the plan. ;)
  16. Yea. As expected.. A plan to waist everybody's time.. Just like the past 60 years. Very good plan, well done.
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    lol:p Why is Israel being picked on, when the British Palestinian Mandate was around three times the size of Israel?


    Can't they have their own state east of Israel?

  18. WOAH! You can't claim hypocrisy in the Israeli gov. without mentioning most middle eastern countries!


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