Pale spots on leaves, spreading..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by RandomGiant, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. My weakest plant started showing some pale blotching and now it's spread to a leaf on another plant. They are about 2 weeks old in soil with cfls.

    It basically looks like the dark green skin was pulled off leaving light green bloched medium sized spots. Anyone know what this sounds like? Thanks!
  2. Pictures please
  3. What do you guys think? The spots seem to be turning a little brown, they just appeared yesterday I think. One of the new leaves has a brown tip too, heat related?

    Also I am seeing light green in the middle of all my plants at the new growth. And a tiny bit of light greening on the other leaves like they are lightly being rubbed off.

    So it is lowryder ak47, no nutes yet, roots organic soil, not sure of temp or humidity. 128 watts of cfl about 2-3 inches from my plants, doesn't feel hot on my hands. I've got pretty good circulation in my grow case I think and the heat feels around 75?

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  4. at first it sounded like spider mites look under the leaves but id ont think it is that now they are turning brown so fast better pics would be good cant rilly see much for the angle shot u took
  5. i have seen those spots before on a plant but im not sure what they mean.

    what is the ph of your water?
    what is the tds of your water?
    it may be bad water your using, mayyyybe.
    when you say organic soil, what exactly do you mean? who makes the soil? what is in it exactly?
  6. I am using bottled distilled water. Roots Organic is the name of the soil, is pretty good stuff and used by a few other members here in their grows.
  7. Here's another one of the bad one, and a different plant too.

    I just realized that I don't have good reflection on one of the walls of my growcase, the one nearest to the crappy plant. It's metal actually, I don't know how I missed that one of my sides doesn't have mylar on it... I can't fix anything right away, but if I put white computer paper on the wall now, would that be an okay temporary fix? Does this sound right?

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