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Pale Lookin Bud. Id?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Guyrq, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hey there forum , I'm new here that's my first post  :)  let's get right into it:

    So i bought this Weed from someone who sells me good buds..
    this time i opened the bag, and it had a strong smell, a combonation of Sour, a little bit unatural like some chemical, but in a weird way...
    The high from smokin' it is pretty strong... like a typical hydro.

    The bud is really stuffed, concentrated. but the only thing i am curious about is it's yellow/pale looking green shade... It''s so pale it looks red

    I've red somewhere that by the smell it might be "Cat piss" or Trainwreck strains... but it's doesnt look the same at all... any how i don't think my dealer really got a "rare-ish" bud because we live in Israel. and there arn't really good buds here


    I tried different lightning to capture the real color of it, this ones better:

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    Looks OK to me. prolly some sour or trainwreck... maybe chronic?
  3. No questions. Just smoke.
  4. I AM smoking :)

    any other thoughts ??

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