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  1. So i have a newbie question, i ordered Northern Lights auto-fem seeds, a 3 pack, from the Vault. They are Royal queen seeds and 2 of them were dark and typically what im accustom to. One of them was significantly smaller then the other 2 and was pale green almost whitish. 
    Anyone ever try to germinate one of these? was there any success?
    Appreciate the feedback

  2. i just ordered from the vault i hope your making a mistake because to me small pale seeds are usually not viable and dark brown/black are good
  3. id email them a pic of the seeds to get better seeds sent back to you
    I just emailed them, but good suggestion on taking a picture. Im not mistaken its different from the other 2 seeds i got. It looks like an old ass dead seed you used to get from some mexican swag.
    Just curious what seeds did u purchase from the vault?
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    pale green seeds are not mature they are young seeds and not good
  6. i got a sweeeet deal bro 10 indoor mixed fem seeds and 1 special kush #1 freebie for 60$ CAN with shipping in the 60$ only downfall but i dont give a fk is that i wont know strain of what im growin which will make it interesting when i smoke 6 diff homegrown strains in a few months
    Yeah thats a sweet deal. I also got the free special kush #1
  8. when you starting the sp #1? got a journal id like to see how you progress with that strain because ill be doing that strain in a month to 6 weeks after i finish my first grow
    starting that after my grow is done about 2 months or so

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