1. Ive been thinking about getting a few high end slides and i come across paKoh. Now not to diss one of the greats but what makes his robot slide worth $400 i dont even think its limited edition. Actually tbh i think all of his works overpriced just wondering what pieces gave his name such prestige?
  2. It's art dude.
  3. I know its art but theres alot of artists that i would say surpass him i was just wondering if there was a set of pieces so high quality that it increased the price of his other works?
  4. "Art is worth only what the collector will pay for it."

    If it's $400, and someone buys it, it is worth $400. I've spent tons on guitars, and many would think I've spent to much--however, I don't feel I have overpaid a cent.
  5. u buy it as part of a collection u learn to grow nd love.

    only u can decide the true price worth to urself.

    if i think the piece is beautiful enough to purchase..

    nd i had the cash flow.. then i wouldnt hesitate buyin iy.

  6. please feel free to name some that do his style of work better
  7. $400 for just the SLIDE?

    That is harsh. I would kick myself in the ass every time I smoked out of a $400 slide. I would probably stab myself in the eye with the broken shards if I ever broke a slide that cost that much.
  8. I think if you put $400 in a slide, you're going to keep it spotless & never even get close to breaking it.
  9. supply & demand

    lrn2 economics
  10. Doesnt this slide come with a stand and a poker to get the ash out? Deff worth the cash its a beautiful slide, I have his urinal slide and love it. At the end its if ur willing to spend that much on a slide and if its.at a lhs try to talk them down in price a bit
  11. Demand is the only reason, paKoh's art is hot shit and he knows people will buy it. Power to him, he certainly is innovative in his glass and I doubt he is rolling money. Don't hate on an artist for trying to make a dollar, that slide is his life.
  12. I have none of his work, but i plan on it. I'm on a Zach P kick right now :)

    His art is stunning. If i could find a Pakoh bot and stand when i have the cash, that'll def be one of my pick ups.

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