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    Everyone is criticizing the US approach to Pakistan, for good reason... Here is a thought: Pakistan is classed as a major non-NATO ally.

    Let's put our ideas to the test: If you were president, taking over for obama, what would you do to pick up from here?

    (Or you can tell me what ron paul would do :D:p)

    Edit- I would rescind all military aid and revert to the bare minimum of ties, while holding a referendum of NGOs decide the priorities and then fund their coordinated effort to spread education and simultaneous bare sustenance aid to counter poverty and subsequent dogma and life of misery.
  2. What is Pakistan going to do? Leave all the aid we give them behind and break our partnership?

    It's all just threats so they can get more benefits out of us IMO.
  3. It could come to that pretty quick IMO... but yeah I think breaking ties completely would be silly
  4. On a side note... they do have one fucking weird national animal.

  5. I would try to get rid of any of government aid. I would encourage individuals to give money to reputable charities that perform good work and trade with them if they wish.

  6. I'd stop all funding to Pakistan immidiatly. Then offer up a very sincere proposal of alliance and full economic cooperation with India.

    Pakistan is a rogue state, with nuclear arms. The establishment of Pakistan is very much divided, and no side got any firm grip on the situation. Power is fragmented in Pakistan, and corruption is very, very rife.

    The central government of Pakistan do not quite simply have any control apart from military. The rest is up to local chieftains. Or mafia bosses as we like to call them.

    Pakistan is best treated with isolation. Whatever interaction one have with the country, you're bound to get dirty.
  7. As usual I agree, but don't you think ignoring Pakistan completely would also mean ignoring the legitimate aspirations of its normal people? I'm assuming the average person there is a captive of the state and not the reason for there being that government. I know many Pakistanis who are very well educated and would argue that their relatives in Islamabad are too and deserve better.
  8. You're funny man. Every thread that involves foreign aid to a specific country (pakistan, libya, ok maybe just 2 that I can think of) you always support the side of giving aid.
  9. ......So?

  10. Dude is an Israeli apologist.
    Israel are the biggest leech on the US...

    I would support Ron Paul's position here.
    Cut them all off.
    Pack up the US military and bring them home...

  11. Israel is hard to defend sometimes..
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    smokinp is just mad he got called out HARD for being an anti-semite in another thread recently...but stayhigh, did you read the OP? I'm actually saying the opposite of what you think I said :D

  13. Yes by you...:)

    This defense is getting a bit tiring now dude...
    Anti Semite ?

    You are going to have to come up with something a little more imaginative...

  14. You say 2 things. Both times in the Libya thread and in this thread. First you say you agree that there needs to be a change in policy and then you go on to say "think about the common people in the country, they could use our help". How do you really feel? Better yet, I don't even need to know...who would you vote for in 2012 (if you're a US citizen), that will tell me volumes...
  15. I think I musta given you the wrong impression, cause I definitely do not support the notion of having gone to war in libya... what I said last time was that since we already DID enter, then yes we do have an obligation to help and not hurt the people we entered to help. Shouldn't have entered in the first place, but we did. And as for pakistan, in my OP i say we help them through NGOs. No president is rational enough to take this approach, to be honest I'm probably only going to vote in 2012 if the Republican is sarah palin. And it will not be for her.
  16. ahh man

    Seriously? I know I'm going to sound like a chauvinistic pig, but I would never vote for a woman to be president, for one reason: I'll have to watch her be a complete bitch for 5 days out of the month. :D

    No but seriously, she's kind of a war mongerer. She wants to all out invade Iran..I mean I understand they're a concern, but come on. I do like her stance on abortion though but for her I don't consider her the revolution that would take this country back to its constitution. Lipstick on a pig.
  17. On top of all that she's a retard. As if being just a conservative warmonger is bad, couple that with sheer stupidity and you've got a world crisis on your hands.

  18. Yeah, everything she says is retarded. Then again everything Obama said in the 2008 campaign was disastrous, eloquent, but disastrous. Pretty much we need political martyrs..

  19. Stop all foreign aid, but still allow for free trade and travel.

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