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  1. Hello GC,

    This is my second grow, and I'm doing a single Pakistan Ryder auto. Unlike my first time, this time I've got LED as part of my lighting array.

    I've got a few pics. As shown the plant is on day 26. Still no sure-fire sign of sex yet, but it's feminized.

    Cab: DIY 24"x14"x36"

    Lights: LED + Supplemental CFL
    Blackstar 100w (50 x 2w Cree, 6-band incl. UV)
    2x supplemental 23w CFLs mounted via clamp lights
    **Blackstar 100w lumen rating is unkown, although the plant seemed to love it before I added CFLs. I imagine it's adequate for this one plant. The CFLs combined are worth about 3k lumens.

    I have just a couple questions:

    Will my lighting prove adequate for the remainder of this plant's life, given I change the spectrum of the CFLs in bloom (though I wouldn't HAVE to)?

    Should I be seeing more signs of sex, that is calyxes, at 26 days? I've seen lots of different outcomes with this strain but I feel I have provided a superb environment.

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  2. Hey dude, nice set up. I'v grown Paki Ryder outdoors before and she is seriously some killer weed man. It smelt of turkey sausages upon harvest.

    I think you have enough light dude. I have a Blackstar 135 and am growing 3 plants under it so I think you'll be just fine.

    Best of luck on the grow man. She definitely looks like a healthy girl!
  3. Thanks.

    I gave it a look and I'm definitely feeling good about the amount I have focused on this one little plant.

    An added bonus of adding the CFLs was getting the temperature up a bit from 70 F. It's up to 84, which is a little hot but it's also been a strangely warm day here. We'll see when winter comes back.
  4. Badass cab. Looks very DIY (which I love).

    How stealthy is your grow? Or do you just have it hidden in the back of a closet?
  5. I cut the wood myself. It's built specifically to fit behind the wall of a shelf in the back of my closet so it fits flush and isn't visible until you get close. There's also a carbon filter.

    Its only giveaway is a small amount of noise from my inline fan.

    I'd show you, but it wouldn't be wise to show any of my closet. I'll turn this into a grow journal of sorts. More pictures of the cab itself to come.
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    Im 23 days in on a 12/12 from seed and only today did I see pistils showing.
    I`d imagine it wont be long for ya.

    I also run leds and have added a 125w 2700k cfl, you can never go wrong adding more lumens. Be careful having your led that close as they can bleach the canopy and the entire plant wont get the correct spectrum of light, you`ll also find you wont get much stretch when it comes to leds.

    Good luck mate
  7. Few more pics for Day 27.

    The last picture is my blue cheese from the fall, grown in this same cab under CFL only. Vegged for 28 days.

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    I'd say it's 5" away but the spectrum seems to have blended pretty well.I'll raise it a bit and see what I think though. Thanks for the tip. And as far as stretching, it is NOT happening at all here. These nodes are so tight. And the bushiness of the indica leaves makes it hard to look around inside the canopy. Great little plant!
  9. Hey BA-

    I looked at your desk grow. This is exactly what I want to do for my next box (so I can do a mother/clones in my cab). How does the ONA work for you? I'm hoping to work in a 150w HPS but I'm worried about balancing heat and stealth.
  10. ONA is horrible. Waste of money.

    Odor isn't a huge problem for me. I keep the windows open and light scented candles.

    Yeah, I considered putting the HPS in the desk, but decided against it b/c of the heat. I've got a 400 watt, though. With strong fans, 150 watts wouldn't be too hard to deal with, imo.
  11. Day 28 bump!

    The Paki is showing sex and I have switched the CFLs to 2700k (same wattage/lumens). Growth is beginning to become almost violent. I'm loving it! :smoking:

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  12. I've heard a 150w hps would produce about the same if not less heat than equivalent wattage of CFLs. Any merit to that? Because as is this cab handled ~125w during the summer heat. So maybe with a separate chamber for the light it would be totally manageable with the hps.
  13. Day 29 - planning a few upgrades

    1. I will insert a false floor above the passive intake to serve as a proper light trap. This will also allow me to do a wire tuck and give me an nice even floor.

    2. I'm building a second smaller box with the same footprint to go above this one. It won't be as tall or have as much lighting, but it will have a mother and a rotation of clones.

    I'm thinking I could do a small SOG in the existing cab with a rotation of 6 plants (2 every 3 weeks since most strains I have flower at 8-9 weeks). What size containers would I be able to get away with doing that with? I'm thinking about 32 oz cups...

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  14. Your grow space is the exact size as mine. I have a 150W hps in there, no problems with heat yet, but I'm growing in an outdoor shed. Its been really cold here and I'm having a problem with condensation and ice.....

    Nice grow, I want some LEDs!!
  15. Thanks Breezy.

    I wanted so badly to go with a 2x2 footprint instead but this way it is hidden behind my trench coats which hang around it. Have you thought of relocating the box to your attic? Would help your moisture issues.

    I'm very pleased with this LED. They can get pretty expensive. But honestly, if I could quietly manage all the heat, I'd put an hps in this cab.
  16. The grow is in my shed, its legal but don't need the wife raising hell.

    I remoted my ballast, and put a cool tube on my HPS and there is hardly any heat coming off of it. I have a little 70w hps bulb I might add to my current grow, or might start another chamber....I have a big shed.

    LED's can get expensive, going the DIY route with these babies: 5pcs 3W Red High Power LED with 20mm Star Base 110LM LED 3watt 140 Light | eBay

    1 x 3 w High Power Blue 445 LED DIY Item | eBay

    Doing a cheap small version first, then I might step it up a little once I figure out how hard or usable it is.

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    My Blackstar is about 6 inches away from the canopy, growth seems pretty good to me. The closer you get, the smaller footprint your light will cover. I think the distance it just fine for now, just make sure you adjust the light as the plant grows.

    The Paki Ryder will double in size. Both horizontally and vertically. One of my favorite strains to grow.
  18. AE- Thanks for the heads up. I'm hoping it does because I have space to fill!

    Y'all stay tuned; soon I'll post a link to the mother/clone box I started building.
  19. Day 30

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    you could manage a 150w hps in there easy with an axial fan(basically stronger pc fans with wall plugs already

    either diy a cool tube(pyrex bread tubes ebay 15 bucks or so)

    found one they run about 20 bucks =p

    ive seen a few nice diy for cool tubes with these

    or if you know how to put hid fixtures together and wire em you can get a ballast and socket online fairly cheap(under 65 bucks or so) and do a free standing bulb with a fan blowing air between light and canopy.

    ive worked some 70w cmh into much smaller places

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