Pakistan Islamists to Protest Bin Laden Raid

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    After years of posting 9/11 and anti-bin Laden information and opinions, now that he is dead some of the truth can be told, and you can see my user name, in the description of Abbottabad, where Bin laden lived, as a "garrison", below. Coincidence or ?
    You be the judge. :wave:

    Here's the article,

  2. The Pakistani army gets billions of $ from the US. Doesn't sound like the want that anymore, oops!
  3. At least we didnt piss them off by showing Osama's death photo. :rolleyes:
  4. if it's non-violent protest go ahead i won't watch and i won't care, we still got him
  5. They are right to protest this unlawful murder.

    How would US citizens feel if a foreign government sent in a hit squad to take out mass murderers Bush and Obama ?

  6. I always try to tell people to look at things in a rational sense such as this rather than letting their emotions and government propaganda influence them. You'll find that people tend to side with murder so long as "their guy" says it's the right thing to do, and okay. Look at the people that were clinging to us bombing Libya for "humanitarian" reasons. I mean, really? :confused: :eek:

    Iraq (1990-Present)? We can murder hundreds of thousands to millions of innocent people and then celebrate about it like we are heros. Same can be said in regards to any number of conflicts that we've been duped into supporting such as (but not limited to) Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

    With the death of bin Laden I don't see us suddenly ending our militarism around the globe but instead I see us continuing to ramp it up and ever expand it. Probably under the same promises of threats from "terrorists" that they've been barking about for the last 10 years.


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    Bin Laden tried to kill our president on 9/11. His killing was not a "murder" because if he had put his hands up and surrendered, as ordered, he'd probably still be alive. But it is well known that he wanted to be killed rather than captured - in the past he ordered his guards, or his sons, to kill him in such an event.

    It's interesting that not a single Muslim country that was asked would take his body for buriel on their soil within 24 hours of his death, in accordance with Muslim requirements. I'd think that if this man was so loved they would have lined up to grant him this final favor. :hello:

  8. Do you work for the psychic network or are you just regurgitating what AP News (or equivalent) is saying?

  9. Finally someone really helping us out.

  10. 3000 American lives are obviously worth more than the tens of thousands(im being conservative) of civilians killed by the US. :rolleyes:

  11. Perhaps said countries were afraid to upset the big bully that is the US ?

    We have all seen what happens to a country that does not lube up its ass and bend over for the US...:)
    Look at what happened to the poor Afghanis !!!

    What did Bin Laden have for breakfast on the morning of his death ?
  12. Afghanistan? They refused to turn over bin laden to the United Stated directly following 9/11.

    We were giving them many millions in foreign untill 9/11 (probably still are) - nice way to repay your benefactors' generosity, not to mention the financial help they got when fighting the Soviets - although bin laden had steadfastly denied that his specific group ever took any aid or training, whichI believe was the truth.

    If they had cooperated, they would have been fine but noooooo, the Taliban was in bed with Al Quaeda and wouldn't do it. Fucking idiots.

  13. So the only option was to invade/bomb the shit out of the country ?
    What about sending in the Seals to take Bin Laden out ?
    No fuck that.
    Better to slaughter countless innocent Afghani civilians in a blood thirsty quest for "justice"...

    You cry and howl about the 3,000 deaths on 9/11.
    What about the multiples of this that were killed in the years after chasing revenge ?

    You seem to blame the people of Afghanistan for the actions of a few extremists. By this logic do you not think that perhaps AQ were justified in attacking the people of the US for the actions of the leadership of the country ?
  14. I don't blame the people of Afghanistan for the "actions" of a few extrmemits (and that world "few" is debatale), any more than I blame the people of Germany for the actions of the Nazis.

    Not the people of the Middle East, or Hamas, the PLO, or even Fidel Castro agrees with terrorism - but you do? The Native Americans, who suffered so much, are demanding an apology for linking Geronimo's name with bil laden.

    Sorry but this guy needed killing, and the vast majority of the world agrees. But, like I said, you can't please everybody so don't even try.

  15. What makes you think that i agree with terrorism ?:confused:

    The fact that i do not agree with the actions of the US in murdering a man that was never given the right to a trial does not mean that i support terrorism...

    I was questioning the actions of the US in slaughtering countless innocent people in a blood thirsty rage after 9/11.
    On reflection now would it not have been better to concentrate on going after those that carried out the attacks on 9/11 rather than invading attacking a whole country ?

    Why does the US have a right to move the goalposts when it comes to its actions and behavior ?

    How would you view a prison in say the mountains of Yemen that held hundreds of US politicians and military leaders without trial who were being water boarded/tortured to get "intelligence" ?

  16. After 9/11, all that Afganistan had to do was give us bin Laden, a foreign nationalist that built bases in their country. If they had tried him themselves, it wouldn't have looked so bad, but they never even tried.

    I agree that the hunt for bin Laden, and the invasion of Afgnanistan was not done correctly, but it did stop further attacks on America.

    Why did the Afghanistan Taliban hate us so much, at the time of 9/11, after all we did to help them? Nobody seems to know, but they brought that war upon themselves by supporting and harboring bin Laden. They were given their chance to make amends, over and over, and they refused. And yes, I've seen the articles from back then where they claimed they would hand him over to an unspecified party or country other than the United States, which was not acceptable to us for good reason.

    If American terrorist suspects were held by another country that was heavily attacked by people from America, I would have no problem with it - in fact I'd be in favor of extraditing them to the country that they attacked.
  17. I believe that Pakistan knew exactly where he was. I wouldn't be surprised if our money was going directly to building bin Laden's million-dollar mansion.

    Pakistan benefitted majorly by keeping bin Laden alive. They had an endless supply of money and weapons from us. Now that he's dead we could possibly see cuts in funding Shitistan
  18. If the Chinese sent some special forces to put a cap into Donald Trumps ass, I'm sure some Americans would protest it.

    I could be wrong though you never know.

  19. If Trump, or any American, killed three thousand innocent Chinese through terrorism, would we tell them to go fuck themseves when they demanded accountability?

    Al quaeda shoud try fucking with the Chinese, they'll hang 'em from a meathook and burn down their entire city.
  20. People would still protest it, A foreign entity just drops troops on someone then bounces, I know I would protest it no matter the person. You can't just do that, its basically a declaration of war.

    Besides they see us as the ones who started it anyway, how many innocent people have we killed now? Million, two million? I think we've overstepped the limits of what constitutes and does not constitute revenge.

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