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  1. I'm cleaning off my shitty very basic car rims and painting them next week. Right now I'm not sure how I want to paint them... They all are going to match. As for color I don't want anything too extreme. The car is green with gold pin striping so either of those colors would do well.

    Any suggestions? Keep in mind I don't want them one solid color. They look like this right now only brownish-black:

  2. what color green is it?
  3. DONT spray paint them it will flake and fuck up have them powder coated if your seirious if not leave them
  4. Dark, like this kinda:


    Dawg its a $1,000 car... I'm spray painting them. Don't worry about it flaking, I'm a master painter. :cool:
  5. if your gonna do that put clear coat on too
  6. Planned on it. :) As well as sanding them, and using primer.
  7. i would match the gold pin striping as closely as possible.

    the PO sprayed the bottle caps on my e30 gold, and it didn't look too bad, even on a blue car.
  8. Yeah I was thinking maybe something like this if you can picture it. Gold matching the pin striping around the holes, lug nuts, and the outside edge about 1" wide. Then the rest green matching the car as close as possible. Either that, or the colors flipped. Green circles/nuts/edge and gold background.
  9. Wow thats a tough color combo to decide,but I wanted my car BRG British Racing Green flat with flat black wheels whith red pin stripe. Now with those wheels its decieving. Are you going to put a hub cap on? do you want a 2 tone paint scheme? If so Id go Gold Caps and green rims. If your not running caps Id still go green rims but gold pin stripe;) Keep it matching, clean and tastefull.
  10. Need to see the car in current state. Over painting your wheels will not be as gratifying as putting GOOD rubber on them. Just saying, getting the paint the right diameter around all those hole will be tough or co$t you job.
  11. If I were putting caps on they would be the sexy motha fuckin' stock caps. I'm not putting caps on :D

    Here is a photo of the stock cap. Problem is I only got two with the car, they're rusted out, and pretty expensive for an exact match. Almost as much as cheap real rims.

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  12. They have good rubber on them :p I just want to paint them because it would look silly, but bad ass at the same time. Getting the right diameter around the holes won't be that tough, I have a plan. It's pretty basic actually. I'm going to paint the rims with whatever color goes around the holes first. Then tape off around the holes, and use a stencil to cut a perfect circle around them with a razor, then repaint the rims the other color with that tape on. Remove the tape, and boom. :D
  13. rock the steelies man!

    when i got my e30, it had three 'caps and a steelie. drove it like that until she got 5 lugs.
  14. Haha I drove my two caps and two steelies for a while. Then I had to replace the front tires and the guys at the shop were all... Uh yeah man we can't put these caps back on. :laughing:

    A set of used caps like the ones pictured above would run me $250+ and thats used with scratches and shit.
  15. haha fuck that, $250 would pay for another set of tires.

    i gotta come clean with you man, when i say 'caps, i mean [​IMG]

    its the whole wheel, not a hubcap. :smoking:
  16. Yeah the cheapest I could find them for was $50 each + shipping. I could probably find them in a junkyard but my car isn't exactly popular these days. Thats what I mean. If I were to buy those caps I'd rather buy all new rims for a little more $$$.

    Those would be sexy. :smoke:
  17. what lug pattern do you have?

    i know you can get the same style wheel in 5x120, not sure what the offset is but you could always get spacers for that.

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