Painting on my Living room wall!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by steveo9632000, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Having my friend do a painting on my living room wall. He started doing it high and drunk one night, had another night he was on shrooms, and now just smoking. Only 6 hours in, has a lot more work to do. Only part completely finished is two mountains in the top left. Here are progression pics in order.

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  2. hmmm No comments just views. interesting >.>
  3. I like it! If he wants to come paint ours next...:)
  4. That looks prety sick i would just rather have that on canvis. thats the only thing i would chang
  5. thats badass man. when i get my own house ill definitely have to do something like this.
  6. Hum... how big it is in dimensions as it took you 6 hours to complete
  7. you ruined your wall...

  8. Its not complete by any means. there is still a lot of layering and shading that needs to be done. Only thing that is considered close to complete is the mountains in the top left. As far as dimensions go, don't know. lol

  9. thanks...constructive feedback would be nice though. :confused:
  10. very abstract and creative. personally i would use lighter shades of those colors just because i like that bright view in any room. it really brightens it up and creates a sense of comfort.

    very well done though, if you add any more to it post it up!
  11. I really like it dude.
  12. I would let him paint on my wall
  13. Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys. More pics shall be coming up soon as we are planning a painting day next week. :D

  14. i like abstract stuff ALOT.
  15. AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL! Real piece of art for sure. I could stare at it for hours what happened to that trippy face tho? it was there then decided to paint over it! Ahhhh that painting definatly takes me through emotions for sure, make sure when its done you get a proper complete picture I would really like that for my computer wall paper :D
  16. pretty cool...the face was creeping me out for awhile. Kind of glad its gone but still kind of missing it....a kind of what if he left it in kind of thing.
    Anyway thumbs up on your creativity.
  17. it looks about 5' x 4'

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