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  1. I drive a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT and right now I'm fixing it up a bit, I'm removing and painting all the interior, replacing carpet and new speakers/stereo.

    I'm using Rust-Oleums Fabric & Vinyl paint from Autozone right now, and have most of it done..but I haven't done the door panels yet. I need to know if this paint would work on this surface below...



    I've painted the plastic parts already, and it says the paint will work on the carpet so I'm fine with that...but the part that's above the door panel, not the carpet...but the kinda smooth looking part?

    These and the dash is all i have left to paint, but I can't just try it out in case it doesn't work. Anyone know if it will?
  2. I have no clue if this paint would work but an idea that might come out cleaner looking would be to buy the interior off the same model but a junked version.
  3. Yea I need to go to a junkyard soon anyways for various parts. That's not my truck in those pictures though btw..just random pictures on the web. i hope I can find my truck in a model seems kinda rare.
  4. Oh, and na this paint works great for the plastic interior parts. Looks just like the factory paint but a different color lol. I'm just doing a different theme.

    Tomorrow getting a new stereo and speakers :)
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    I know it works on plastic but I don't know about carpet lol. It does say fabric but its insanely hard to match paint on exterior because a company can have 203920932 different codes for one color. At a body shop I used to work at, we used a program loaded with company codes and if we got 5 different codes at a time or wasn't sure of which one to use to be exact we'd have to make a little of all of them and see what mimics the factory color the most. Thats why i'd be sketchy about repainting fabric but then again I have a little OCD and tend to spoil my cars :smoke:

    Sweet, anything special on the stereo and speakers or do you just want music? Bass in small cabs like that are ridiculous!
  6. I'm getting a new car this summer so this is just like a project and something fun to do, I want it to look good but I'm not too worried about it. There's videos on youtube of people painting carpet and seats with this paint so it will probably work on that.

    For the stereo...well I don't want to spend too much money on it. I'm starting off tomorrow with replacing the 2 stock speakers and stereo...I don't know too much about them but I'm gonna go to an audio shop and hopefully get it and installed for 200 or less. Then in a week or two I'll go back and get a sub and an amp.

    Oh, and I'm not really trying to match any color. I'm painting everything as a different theme but it will still match the outside. It's going to be black/red but I'm kinda reversing the dash is red right now, but I'll paint that black. A/C vents are black, I'll paint those red. I'm just reversing it and making it mostly black instead of red on the inside.
  7. Nice, post some pictures after. A stereo would be around $70 for a decent one and you can grab speakers for 60-100 a pair. Its an easy install so you should be able to accomplish that for $200. Im going to be fabricating a rear deck for my bmw to put 2x 10" concert speakers and 2x 8" subs. I want 2x 12'' subwoofers in the trunk also. I love vibrating peoples organs with subs :hello:.
  8. Today's the day I'm gonna go do it, or see about it at least. I tried yesterday, closed on Wednesdays -.- I'll try to borrow my friends camera for some pictures or else it would be my shitty 2mp phone camera.
  9. Kenwood Stereo ($99) and two Memphis Audio Speakers ($49.99/pair) Have been installed.

    Total came out to be $190 with everything installed. Stereo installation was free, speaker installation was $5.

    I'm off Friday and Saturday so maybe I can begin to assemble the interior back and take some pictures.

    The only thing remaining that I have to take out is the dashboard...which I'm really dreading..I've never taken out a dash before.
  10. Wtf, what store did you go to? Memphis Audio makes pretty good speakers but i've never seen em for 49.99 lol. Good shit though! I wanna see how the interior comes out
  11. Just a local small town audi shop lol. Gonna have to hold out on the amp and sub though. I'm gonna borrow a camera from my friend and post up some pictures either today or tomorrow.

    Hopefully it doesnt rain! Also gonna try to install some pedals :) Got the drill and ready to do that except one bad thing is the accelerator AEM pedal isn't as long as the OEM and also their isn't a cover on it like the others? It's just hard plastic while the clutch and brake had rubber covers and a medal pedal. I'll figure something out I guess.

    The first pictures I'll upload is it all stripped though before I install it. Gotta get another can or two of paint.

    Dash board is gonna be a BITCH though. I'm gonna replace as much interior as I can before removing the dash, I think I can replace the door panels and the trim around the windows and seatbelt and still take it out.

    Anyways, I'm gonna go to a junkyard today and see if they have any rangers. Parts I need are: 2 Side mirror mounts ( Mine are alright but a bit rusty) and a passenger door panel...the part where you rest your arm is torn off. :(

    I'm off Friday and Saturday so I'm gonna try to get shit done!
  12. Sweet, it sounds like you're really motivated. About the pedal, the cover won't matter unless the underlying material is slippery and not good for driving because of foot slippage. The length issue could probably be fixed but i'd need pics to get more of an idea on it. If you want to check out my build thread, I just started it and have quite a few pics.
  13. Alright I'll try to install the brake and clutch and then get some pictures up of the accelerator. And yeah I'm motivated but I don't know too much about cars :( That's kinda why I did this though...just to do it myself and learn. Plus it's just and old ford truck and I plan on getting a new vehicle in a few months so it's just a little project for fun.

    But yeah man I'll check out your thread :)
  14. Fuck apartment living. Neighbors below me complained about the paint ..I was doing it on my balcony and they have their door open below me so they started to complain about the smell. Fuck neighbors...gonna take this shit to the park and finish it.
  15. Lmao, hopefully people at the park don't complain.
  16. Alright sorry for a long ass wait. I didn't take out the dash...figured it would be a bitch to take out and cost a bit to paint.

    Lots of pictures coming up.
  17. Damn, Massive pictures sorry. Anyways the passenger door panel looks red in the picture but it's black. Just the sun I guess.

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