painting inside of grow room??????

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ganjaganja, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. i framed a 6x4x6 room and was wondering what to use on the walls, which are plywood and 2x4's. I want something waterproof, fungus proof (however you say it) mold proof, and reflective. I know there is that white roofing tar, but I have never used it. If anyone has anything that works great let me know. Im open to new ideas.
  2. You have lots of options.. The best is white mylar though. I personally use some 6 mil
    clear plastic that I spray painted with flat white spray, and cardboard that I've painted with
    the same spray paint. My flooring is old floor laminate tiles that are nearly white.

    If you have the cash, spring for the mylar. You can also consider using an emergency
    blanket, its shiny and is far superior to aluminum foil. They go for like $2 per blanket
    at most big box stores.

  3. The easiest answer is flat white primer like Killz or any flat white exterior grade that is mildew resistant.
  4. im not talking about material like mylar experimentalist. and emergency blanket is just a bad idea to put on the sides of a grow room: bug infestation, holding moisture, many many problems there.

    im talking about material to paint with, so as to seal the room airtight while at the same time providing a mold moisture barrier.

    Duckhead: i will check out Killz and other mold resistant paint.

    Has anyone used the roofing material? something like one of these products?

    let me know your thoughts.....
  5. i can't remember who it was but a member said he used roofing tar to coat the inside of his grow room....

    anyone remember who it was?
  6. Think you might be talking bout Don Piano, i believe he used white elastomeric roofing paint.
    Speaking of him, where the hell has he been? Anyone?

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