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  1. today me and my friend were over at our other friends house. we had spent the night there last night and woke up at 8am for some reason and the person who's house we were stayin at told us to come back at 12 to blaze. so we come back at 12 and our friend is not there. so we wait and wait...the only people at his house are me, my friend, and 2 painters. one of the painters looked like he smoked.(the only one i saw)
    after literally 2 hours of waiting we cant wait anymore. we pack up the bowl and i go "you know what, lets see if the painters wanna hit the bowl." so i went and asked the stoner-looking painter if he wanted to hit the bowl and he said yea. so we smoke and then talk about poker/gambling and how addicting it is. then he thanked us and me and my friend went home after another like 30mins of waiting.

    and as a side note. i got lucky cuz the one i asked, smoked. the other one didnt. i know this cuz the one who smoked with us told me that his friend didnt smoke and would prolly get mad since hes smoking on the job.

    not much of a story but im sure it added a little twist to the painters day.:smoking:
  2. Lol nice. Sucks to hear your friend didnt come back...guess his loss! Ive had a repair man see my spoon sittin in a nice bath of iso and salt that I forgot to put away. He showed me his lil one hitter then we proceed to smoke outta my bubbler. Man good times.

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