Painted label chipping/peeling off?

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  1. Has anyone else encountered this with their bongs with painted labels? I bought a Kong 9.0 about a month ago and every so often I will notice a tiny chip in the label... not a huge deal but when you spend $300+ on a bong and treat it like a baby with delicate hands, there should be no reason for this happening, it just happens and I don't know why. I'm starting to wonder if it is because me and some of my friends wear rings and it scrapes the label occasionally causing the paint to become chipped. Who knows but it is slowly turning a beautiful bong into one that looks many months more than its true age... :(
  2. when i spend 300 on a bong, i want to see how its made, where its made, and by whom its made

    its the least you can ask for
  3. It's fairly common for labels to start chipping. Nothing you can do now about it except be careful of scratching it further.
  4. I wouldn't spend $300 on anything made of glass

  5. great post. anything else mindblowing to reveal?
  6. He wants to reveal his mega home made pipe now :p

    I've only seen the kong tubes once and they are sturdy fucking things I wouldn't really worry much about the label tbh
  7. Once it gets too bad (which I'm sure it will) see if you can find any local glass blowers and see if they could maybe do a worked section on the tube where the label was. The easiest way to meet a local glassblower is to go to a local flea market and ask anyone there selling tubes if they know. The guy by me makes and sells his own shit. Just something to think about. BTW could you post some pics of the tube? :smoke:
  8. Obviously not a glass enthusiast :rolleyes:
  9. ^ Smokes from an aluminum can ;)

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