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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by paperplanes11, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I'm just getting into paintball for the fun of it. I've got a pretty decent sized field on my property that's pretty opened besides a couple trees that will be used as cover.

    Anyways, I bought myself a cheap JT Outkast gun just to get started. I used it once really,yesterday. It was shooting fine until the end; when I cocked it and shot the cocker would not stay in place. Therefor making me cock the marker everyone I have to shoot.

    Has anybody had this problem? Any tips on how to fix this problem and make it stay cocked?

  2. Ditch the jt and pick up a nice sypder there like 100 an wayy nicer than the jt
  3. I understand that but that's not the issue here

    I use it in my back yard. Not in games where
    I'd get lit up with this gun
  4. You can buy stiffer springs for it at the store. Take it apart and see what the issue is, or go to a paintball forum

    You said invest in a spyder. Which do you have or prefer? Im just gonna return the gun i bought instead of trying to fix it and get my 75 bucks back.

    Refurbished Kingman Spyder RT Paintball Gun - Black

    I am thinking about this one. Originally $150 but dropped down to $70. (i guess due to the refurbished)

    Or should i just go brand new?
  6. Is your co2 out? Idk maybe the spring sounds Like low air though

  7. Just filled the co2 up when this happened. I returned that gunanyways. gonna get the tippman 98 custom
  8. [quote name='"paperplanes11"']

    Just filled the co2 up when this happened. I returned that gunanyways. gonna get the tippman 98 custom[/quote]

    They still make the tippman 98s? Damn i remember having one of those back in like 8th grade. Should be 100x more reliable then the jt.
  9. How cold was it outside? When its cold out CO2 can be a bitch. If you got it new take the little bag of extra parts and replace em. Could be a o ring or some other stupid little part. We all have brand preference but play wit what you got.
  10. Tippys are great, I know a paintball place that only rented out 98's, said they'd find them in swamps or otherwise junked, clean em out and they still run beautifully. I have an A-5, and it shoots like a mini gun. Good choice, you'll have it forever.
  11. Nice choice, tippmans are great for woodsball, one of my markers is a 98 with a response trigger dye rotor, with a remote and apex barrel. Pwns all the little noobies. You should check switching out your trigger though. response trigger is a little pin behind the trigger operated by air pressure to kick it up to 12-18 bps in the sweet spot. Id say e-grip is more for your speed.
  12. Love the e-grip, looking to invest in the flatline barrel when I get more into paintball this summer.
  13. Ive played paintball for about 10 years now. Off and on. Right now it's off. It could be you're out of air. Or maybe you need to lubricate the bolt system. JT markers are not the greatest. If all else fails, get a tippmann or a spyder.
  14. ya man, tippman is the way to go for your situation, you should have no preoblems, its like the AK of paintball guns (in the sense it takes alot to break it)....
  15. agreed,try cleaning and lube..if that doesnt work tippmann is great for that style of play
  16. bro... just go to pbnation. and btw homie wgp made the outcast :wave:
  17. most help youll get here is having people tell you to make it into a pipe
  18. bahaha^ damn thts sick to hear tht ur on the nation man ^ member since 06.......but now that you mention it, a custom Tippman peace pipe could be unique
  19. 1. Consult PBNation (especially small talk if that shits still entertaining)
    2. check o-rings and lube, make sure your shit isn't dirty.
    3. always maintain
  20. Ive been ballin Scence i was 13 haha

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