Paintball co2 tank/ will it work?

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  1. Hey I was jst wondering if I were to buy a regulator would it fit right onto a paint ball guns co2 tank. If any one knows please tell.
    Thanx guys
  2. A regulator for what? to check how much psi you're using? i doubt a shop would fill it since it's not professional.. i know i wouldn't trust that shit
  3. mmm i wouldnt think so man, Get a 20# c02 tank off craigslist, 40-60 bucks -
  4. I have a few lying around too. I'm sure you could make it work if you find a way to make it slowly release.
  5. Yea they sell a regulator that says it fits a regular sized one n I compared the nozzle on a large tank to my paintball tank n they look the same/ and the regulator allows u to regulate the airflow of it... Idk il c what happens n let u all know what's up.
  6. yeah i'm curious too...
  7. Wow thanks for the Idea! Took me all of 2 minutes to find this and with a little more modifications and some hoses, im SURE it could work. heres the link hope it helps.

    [ame=] Needle Valve For CO2 Regulator: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

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