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Paint job ideas for bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnbour, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. As subject reads I'm thinking of painting my bong I just recently got. $20 at my local headshop and I'd say a good buy. Its about a 1/4" thick all around, and holds about a complete hit "fully loaded". I just feel it looks bland. So I'm gonna paint it lol. Any ideas guys?

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  2. Fuck painting it, give it to me, it matches my main pipe.

    On a for real note, Dont paint it unless you are going to use real glass paint and a kiln to cure it.
  3. dude dont paint your bong... thats retarded...

    it looks sick the way it is.... id take it...
  4. ya man don't paint your bong. it looks nice.
  5. yeah don't paint it at least it has a worked section
  6. What?!!! Why no guys? I was think some Tool artwork or something. Really? Good as is?
  7. If anything: Smelt more glass onto it ;)
  8. See i have a bong similar to that one and mine is totally painted. It looks badass but i think its even better when it milks up. And you all ready have some cool color on it so i'd leave it.
  9. a dragon circleing around it would be sweet,put his head blowing fire at the bowl and smoke coming out his nose that leads to the top of the bong
  10. I think if you really want to paint it, go for it.

    I personally wouldn't cover the whole tube with paint. Instead, choose your favourite colours and continue them on like a climbing pinstrip vine from where they start. The blue would look sick... have all the blue dots meet near the top and then have some creative design..... your name... a weed leaf.. who knows. But leaving the majority of the tube clear.

    Or like above, except all the colours doing a spiral up to the top. The dragon idea posted would be cool like this too. The least this bong needs is a yellow ring painted on the outside of the top of the tube.. that would look good.
  11. I think painting a bong would be straight up tacky. If you're really that concerned pay a local glassblower to spiff it up.
  12. Spraypaint that shit gold!
  13. Don't paint your bong, if anything, laser engravement looks sick
  14. just get a charizard made out of glass and have it attached to it, then have the tail of the charizard coming up to the bowl and his mouth resting on the side of the top of the bong then smoke coming out of his nose thats painted grayish. itll be beast then have the the color design of it painted like mountains and have a flat part of the mountain as what hes laying on, itd be beast
  15. I prefer to see the smoke I'm smoking so first suggestion would be to not paint it. But if you wish to paint it second suggestion would be glow in the dark paint, fa sho
  16. Hi i just made a bong myself and it is completely boring. It is made from glass and i need some ideas. I was thinking getting the weed leaf on it for sure, along with that i was thinking of getting the zeppelin angel on it along with the metallica logo and black translucent glass paint as the base or some other color. I just wanted to know can anyone help me creating stencils?
  17. [​IMG]

    this is my bong and i would like to know any other suggestions you may have plz
  18. Man I just got a clear ft long bubble bong and I thought about painting it green with white stripes but really small and far between, and I already named her too
  19. go to DollarTree go to kiddie section buy stickers

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