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  1. I recently quit weed since I'm going military and I'm looking for something to pass the time and help me get a little more fit for boot camp. I tried the gym and I was just bored doing the work out, a long time ago a mate told me he did paintball and I thought it sounded fun but didn't have the cash to tag along. Should I go for it now as a work out method and a means just to have fun and fill up my new time?
    I was thinking about buying a kit on craiglist to get started if I do and ask the friend if he still goes out and paint balls to see if he'd want to come along.…

    Just basically asking whether this seems like a good means to an end.
    I ship out in a little under 7 month.
  2. Load of fucking fun. Give it a shot, just be prepared for the aches and bruises!

    Have fun ;)
  3. Love paintball, it's a decent workout but if you're trying to get in military shape you better do something more than just that
  4. Don't get a shitty Spyder. If you want something that will last, take a beating, shoot straight, and not break the bank, look into a used Tippmann 98c setup. I've been using my 98 Custom for 8 years now and I've logged over 90 games with it, and it's never given me a problem.
  5. Used to love playing paintball, rocked a ICD Promaster which was pretty good I have to say.
  6. Don't paintball at paintball places total rip off
  7. How so? I used to have a membership that cost 100$ which gave me free access to the field during play times. It only excluded scenario events, which happened a few times a year.
    After that 100$ all I had to pay was like 7$ for unlimited air all day plus I got discounts on paintballs.
    Paintball is not a cheap sport, but fields are perfectly fine.
  8. Fuck yeah, I love to paintball. :cool: I'm a professional though, I don't fool around on the field, aha. ;)


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  9. No offense but I don't think paintball will get you in shape for military, short quick running in paintball but I believe military is more long distance running could be wrong but from what I gathered you run lots

  10. Do you supply your own gun I'm talking about the places where you rent everything some of them cost almost as much as buying everything new

  11. [​IMG]

    Lol, I had to do it. But I wanna play paint ball one time in my life.. Def on the bucketlist
  12. You ever looked into airsoft? It's closer to an actual battle than paintballing. Not that paintballing sucks or anything, just might be a better idea with you joining the military and all.
  13. [quote name='"Psilocin420LSD"']You ever looked into airsoft? It's closer to an actual battle than paintballing. Not that paintballing sucks or anything, just might be a better idea with you joining the military and all.
    Video Link:[/quote]

    One thing I didn't get about airsoft is how you can tell when you hit someone? With paint you obviously can see you hit something but with a little pellet couldn't the person just pretend they didn't get hit??
  14. I don't have the cash to get a big expensive one, I'm looking for something to get me into entry level so that I can give it a try then move on as money becomes more ready.

    The place around here seems pretty good and has the same pass but allows for free gas. Paint balls are expensive though! How far can 500 paint balls even get you?

    I'll still be going to the gym, it may be boring but I have to do it anyways, I just want something to make things more fun.
  15. I have a spyder and it works for me. I used to play 3 or 4 times a year but depending on how serious you are about it you may want a better gun.
  16. This will probably just be a hobby for when the mates and I can go out or whenever I'm just bored and need to get out lol, nothing serious.
  17. I have a piranha r6 I got from dicks sporting good like 5 years ago.i used to play with my friends once and a while it's always a good time.
  18. same for me so instead of putting down 300$ or more on a gun I just bought a cheap one for 100$ off my friend
  19. Ahhh I get what you are saying now, yeah renting sucks balls and costs way too much.

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