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pains in my chest when i smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ResinHits, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I smoked a blunt a short while ago and i got these random pains in my chest suddenly. its like a stabbing feeling. i think i may have got laced weed? this hasnt ever happened before
  2. holy shit.
    call 9-1-1.

    get outta here kid.
    you didnt get laced weed.

    what did you just start blazing or something?

  3. actually.. i asked someone at a gas station near my house if they had bud and here i am now. never saw them before
  4. youre fine.

  5. im just sayin.. its been happening for about 40 minutes.. its just weird that this hasnt ever happened before, ya know?
  6. No, it's not laced, it'll go away, don't worry ut's bud, it's not like you'll die from weed, and don't go to the hospital or some shit claiming weed is killing you or something
  7. The more you think about it, the more you're gonna feel that pain.

    You've actually never had random chest/lung pain before? If not, then welcome to the normal world. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Wait a few days. If it's still hurting, go get a chest xray. Do NOT mention weed. If they ask, say you smoke cigs. If smoking fucked up your chest, it was the tobacco in the blunt, not the weed. I've had a lung collapse on 3 separate occasions from blunts. I now vape every day with no problems.
  9. HI,
    plz don't smoke
  10. I'll just be the one to say it then...If you're having chest pains it CAN be serious.
    Any doctor will tell you this is something you should follow up on.
    If it's something greater than a fluctuating heartbeat then you're not a fool for simply following up on it.
    For all you know, even if it doesn't turn out to be serious it may be an indicator or an underlying problem.
    Young people have suffered from and been taken by heart related's lesser odds but not unheard of.

    Of course, it could be nothing - or just that your body isn't liking how you've smoked your weed, or as somebody said any tobacco or other adulterants may cause ill effects.
    Though if I tell you "fuck it" and then you're one of the few cases that does turn out seriously, I'd feel like I'd done you a disservice.

    Only you know how serious you feel it is - You're not going to get dobbed in by a doctor or hospital if you say you've smoked some weed either - if you do this, be honest, just put your stash elsewhere just in case.

    Best of luck getting it sorted.

  11. The reason to not mention weed isn't because of legal reasons or your doctor bitching at you (not sure what "dobbed in" means), the reason is because all the anti-weed propaganda sites will use it as fuel to feed their fire. They list all the cases of people going to the ER for weed, when it turns out nothing was actually wrong with them and they were just panicking from being too high.
  12. Yeah well's important to tell the truth when being medically treated, so they they can adequately gauge if the symptoms you're suffering may be either fully or partially induced by weed use or something else entirely, so that they can properly treat you, or so that they know what to monitor that for your own good, vs "the good of the public perception of weed" as much as I'm for advocating, the more sensible thing is to value your life above all else.

    ...Because say they died...(from anything) and weed was found on the scene.
    It then goes to "Marijuana may or may not cause chest pains in some people"
    to "Young person killed by marijuana", the media, will not look at underlying effects, or the individuals health/conditions.
    Seems, well, a pretty simple decision to make.
  13. Dude stop smoking blunts!!! Eat edibles from now on or smoke out of a vape, or a lightbulb vaporizer
  14. sometimes when i have to fart really bad i have a pain in my chest. just go take a dump. you'll feel better.
  15. ur fine man, that pain is most likely from indigestion or heart burn. Its not a heart attack, don't worry hahaha

  16. O lord
  17. Everytime I eat I get a pain in my chest, everytime I think it's heartburn it's cardiac arrest...
  18. I've had feelings like that a few times after smoking and some when I was young and it would happen sometimes, it's nothing to really worry about unless it happens often. You could tell if you had pain there before that it would be something serious.

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