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  1. I took my wisdom teeth out about 2 months ago, and they prescribed me this painkiller called oxycodon. Well, i tried smoking and takin the painkillers at the same time, and got one of the shittiest highs i ever had. Every time i closed my eyes, it felt like I as rollin down a steep hill, and it felt like the back of my brain was dancing. When i tried to walk everything seemed all shakey and i couldn't focus very well. Didn't have the munchies or cotton mouth for some odd reason either. Just wondering if i bought some shitty weed, or if anyone knows anything bout this oxycodon, cause i have 24 left (didn't use any except that one, weed was a much better painkiller) and don't know what to do with them.
  2. Don't listen to me, I'm stupid. STML.
  3. sorry to go off topic...but does it hurt more gettin wisdom teeth pulled then other teeth? Because, I've gotten I think 4 teeth taken out...or somethin like that and it wasn't that bad at all...are wisdom teeth worse?
  4. Not sure, i took only three out, and it only for a few hours a day, for about 3 days. But im pretty sure it hurts more then gettin regular teeth pulled, cause its more then just gettin one pulled at one time. Thanks for the info hempress.

  5. i know this is an extremly old thread but, i would like to correct that oxycodone is not the generic version of vicodin, it is the generic form of percocet meaning it is an opiate. hydrocodone is the generic form of vicodin and it is an opiate agonist, meaning it is synthetic. just trying to clear up info not trying to sound snotty

  6. You know, I'm such a goober. As soon as I saw this thread again, I realized I was wrong. I was about to edit it and hope no one noticed it, until I saw your post. I'm so embarrassed.

    I just recently had Vicodin again, and I remembered it said "hydrocodone". LOL, I suck.
  7. its all good. lol no biggie
  8. ocs and bud are great ..atleast i like em.

    either try popping em alone or sell em
  9. i wanna try some diazepam but apparently it's a crime to go prescription shopping.. damb
  10. i heard that you shouldn't smoke when you get your wisdom teeth out. it fucks up the stiches and i know someone who had to go to the emergency room because she smoked too soon.\

    sounds like fun to me, but it was probably way intense.
  11. diazapam is really nice i bought some at my school the other day took 20mg and smoked a couple bowls and was feeling nice as shit i barley wanted to move, i got up and stumbled to stay up
  12. oxycodone is the best "safe" opiate's strong and extremely fun/'s heaven in a pill :D....

    i've never tried combining it w/ weed but i will tomorrow.....i heard it's amazing because the weed just synergizes the euphoria....

    btw dude, unless a person od's on it, it's impossible to have a bad trip on oxy because the euphoria overwelms any negative feelings that may arise...

  13. It's around here for £1 a pill or so but i've never had it before, it's meant to be rather good.
  14. damn dude you get everything cheap in ireland shogun

  15. haha, the safe one huh? its white trash heroin...

  16. Yes drugs are relatively cheap over here but coke is dearish, it's around £35 a gram i think now,used to be £50.

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