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  1. So I have several 100 mcg/h (I believe that's the unit of measurement) fentanyl patches. After some research, I'm thinking about cutting the patch open and taking a VERY small amount of the liquid and ingesting it orally. I have close to no opiate tolerance, and I understand fentanyl is a hell of an opiate. Do you all think this is safe? I'm a little nervous because this is supposedly such a powerful drug.
  2. uh be sure its safe before you eat too much gel because its 100mcgs of the drug per hour on like a 12 hour patch or something so that shit is dangerous man
  3. fent is a very wierd high for me, lots of people od on it because of the "clean high" u got from fent, be carefull, i like to put the jell under my tounge, no tolerance start with as little as possible. beware of the clean high, how people od, they think they need more
  4. its actually a 72 hour patch

    and 100mcg fentanyl patches are potent, only eat maybe 1/4 of the gel

    if u gulp down the hole thing you might OD

  5. he WILL OD if he did that, no-tolerance and fent isnt tooo good, start small man swerve safe
  6. why not just wear the patch?
  7. ^^

    CAuse they wanna get as high as possible......

    Apparently wearing it isn't enough for some......
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    wearing the patch wont really get you high

    and he wont definitely OD, people vary greatly, i've eaten 100mcg patch without hardly any opiate tolerance, i didnt do any opiates for about a year before i ate that patch, granted i ate half, then 2 hours later ate another half, but then i smoked a couple hits of crack n drank some liquor so that pretty much balances it out to as if i ate the whole thing at once haha... wild fuckin days when i was a teen, wild days

    edit: but yea, u'll PROBABLY die if u eat it all, maybe even if u eat just half
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    stupid... high


    OP.......... don't die.....
  10. your lucky as fuck..fentanyl is bomb. if you cook up the goo inside the patch and shoot it you get wrecked.
  11. Seems kinda like a bad idea to me but w.e do what you want holmes! just be careful.
  12. i would just wear the patch.

    do you really think this is worth risking your life for?
  13. ive worn the patches..if your looking for pain relief go for it, if you wanna get high your gonna be disappointed. eating a 1/4 of the patch wont kill you. youll be really fucked up, possibly puke, but im pretty damn sure you wont OD. ive shot up more than 1/4 of a patch before and im still here. if your that worried about it cut the 1/4 of a patch in half again and start with that. fentanyl is a real quick, intense high. enjoy.
  14. I kinda pussed out (I have a tendency to do this with drugs I'm not 100% about) and only took a tiny bit, probly about 1/16 of the packet. And of course, felt barely more than nothing. So I'm gonna up my dose tomorrow.
  15. that was probably a smart move bro..better to play it safe then wind up OD'ing and if you have enough to spare why not. i think youll be more than satisfied with 1/4 of a patch, just dont keep re-dosing because the effects wear off quickly.
  16. Cut the patch into 1/4's. I found some at my house, and gave 5 to a friend. The next day I found out he had eaten 3 whole patches, and overdosed. His heart actually stopped, so he was dead for a lil while cause of it. 1 patch is enough to kill most people if taken all at once, cause 1 patch is supposed to last 72 hours.
  17. better than passin out and not waking up, like some of my homies did after eating and shootin fent, swerve safe dawg

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