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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Dec 26, 2001.


Who is a medical cannabis user?

  1. Anyone who smokes cannabis for anything but the forbiden fruit factor

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  2. someone who's doctor has prescribed them cannabis

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  3. someone who uses cannabis to treat a legitimate medical condition

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  1. before i begin i'd like to appologise incase i've had a moan about this sort of thing before. and sorry also if this is posted in the wrong place... but this is hardly for the recreational forum.

    this is it. I've had enough. I'm going to make an appointment with the doctor when i get back to my flat in early Jan and DEMAND that i get a note saying i need medical cannabis. For ages i've thought "hey i'm barely a medical user, if at all because i dont have any single debilitating disease that pulls on the heartstrings of the public (cancer & MS for example)." Well since taking a break from purely cannabis research and taking a look at other medical herbs and also holistic (spellink?) medicine i now realise that I deserve relief from the combined effects of my various conditions. And also this would free up my finances so that i would be able to ensure i have enough electricity (heating)and food, and still be able to escape the constant physical and mental harrasment of my twisted spine, taught hamstrings, lack of pelvis control, insomnia, asthma, exzema, nicotine addiction, raynauds syndrome (GAWD DO I HATE THAT ONE!), hayfever and spasms, and the constant fear of falling into another migraine or depression. And hey since i've mentioned all that i might as well mention dislexia, bad eyesight and dandruff. but i don't think the last three can be cured or treated by cannabis (well maybe the eyesight a bit) and it should be fairly obvious that my dislexia isnt that bad from how much i type on and on. anyways ... i've begun to waffle.... now to my point.. or question as the case may be (waffling again) Are any of u blades medical users? And how do you get your cannabis? How did you get your doctor to "prescribe" cannabis for you?

    Does anyone know if there is any scheme in the UK to aid medical users in setting up their own growing setup? Or is that just a total pipe dream that we won't see for another 10 years?

    thnx for reading my ramblings.
  2. i feel for you digit, and with that list of alements (sp?) i'd definitely say you deserve your daily dose of vitamin THC for a little relief. if your doctor doesn't perscribe it to you, s/he's a moron.

    as for the medical part of it, i myself am a recreational user. pretty well all of my stoner friends are as well, but one buddy of mine did have a parent who saught relief in the cannabis plant. i can't remember exactly what the problem was, but she was ill and had heard that marijuana could help. being an open minded and naturopathic oriented woman, she descided to give it a go, but not trusting the government or local dealers she began to grow her own plant(s). she never really received help in any kind, though.

    it really is a shame medical marijuana has just as bad a name as the plant itself. so many people suffer needless amounts of pain :(

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