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Pain Relief With Out High?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BudButler, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. hay guys, my dad has some pretty bad knees and he is working all day. so i wanted to know if anyone could recommend like an edible or something that would provide pain relief with out getting him stoned. i have made edibles before, but never with the intent of easing pain so i honestly don't know were to start any advice would be appreciated

  2. The lower the temperature you cook the bud, the more "medicinal" and pure it will be with less "stoned" effects. Same goes for lower temperature vaporizer (low as 350 with volcano)

  3. Does your dad approve of edibles? Why can't he get it himself?
  4. he approves but cannabis is more my thing and he wants me to make them for him im not in CO or WA so i cant just go down the street and buy edibles
  5. External tincture. :smoke:
    I would say to make a tincture (use this link  for a GREAT tincture
    Get your dad a topical cream (I use Voltaren) and mix some of the tincture into the cream and rub on his knees before work.
  7. cool ill check that out. i found this recipe after a bit more searching
     wondering if it would work just as well for my dad i personally don't see why it wouldn't but ya know always want to ask before i go wasting all my weed
  8. I second sickmanfraud, topical lotion/cream.
    I use one myself, made with with half ABV tincture and half regular tincture.
    Very soothing.
    The recipe you sent me is way more complicated than you need. 
    Transferring the cannabinoids to an alcohol tincture and then putting a small amount (less than 1 ml for a shot-glass half full with Voltaren or other pain gel. 
  10. We discuss the lotion starting here:
  11. ok i get payed on Monday so ill start making the tincture in jojo's sig then
  12. damn you above and beyond what i was expecting with that post
  13. Wow, just wow.  Very cool.
    Whatever the number you put on your pain this will take it down a few notches.  If you are at 8 and you get down to 5 or 4 you are doing pretty well.
    No medicine that I am aware of will get you from an 8 (out of 10) down to one or 2.
    Try the tincture in a balm or lotion of your choice.  You will not be disappointed. 
  15. I made the hash dragon in that thread and i was very pleased with the pain relief. Careful though because i took a dropper and a half instead of the average 10 drops i was taking and i was nodding out on the couch.
    Using tincture in a commercial lotion as discussed by sickmanfraud and JoJo0420 above is a tried and true way to relieve joint and muscle pain. It's not as good for nerve pain but does provide needed muscle relaxation, though. You can also make your own topical with just a little enhanced coconut oil, beeswax and various essential oils. You do not need "liposomal encapsulation" with this. I have made it both ways and lecithin makes no difference. This topical treats nerve pain because the beeswax allows the topical to stay on the skin longer and absorb deeper into the tissues. It works almost immediately and continued light applications throughout the day works wonders. This is a guide for making your own.   Topical Pain Cream  :)

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