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  1. I was just wondering if i can and how much i should snort this

    its active ingredients are (per tablet)

    Acetaminophen 500g which is the pain reliever

    Diphenhydramine HCI 25mg which is the nightime sleep aid

    if i snort one pill of this stuff will i basically pass out from the Diphenhydramine need input from people who have taken sleep aid/pain reliever drugs
  2. Please dont, if you want it to act faster, crush it up and swallow it with some strong tasting drink or parachute it. but do not snort Acetaminophen its tylenol your nose will be on fire.

    not really an abused drug either to my knowledge.
  3. Hah Acetaminophen will fuck up your nose and not get you high or anything. And you probably wont even feel the Diphenhydramine.

    Try taking them and smoking some weed an hour later when theyre kicking in. Its a nice different high.
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    Acetaminophen is a anti-inflammatory that is NOT water soluble, therefor should NOT be insufflated. It will only clog up your nose; such as when people snort vicodin they actually recieve less of the hydrocodone because the APAP (Acetaminophen) blocks the nasal passages and less hydrocodone gets absorbed, which in turn would be the same for the Diphenhydramine.

    Some quick research could have told you the exact same thing...

    It's fucking pointless so insufflate, just take it orally like you're suppose to.

    Also, APAP will not get you high, so if that is what you are looking for in terms of "pain relief" just stop there, but if you're looking for actual pain relief... I would say stop there, go bake up some edibles with cannabis and that would work a vast amount better.
  5. I never said i did, thats why i asked BEFORE touching it, i was given which i now know was false information from someone and who needs quick research when you can use a forum to ask my specific question.

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