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Discussion in 'General' started by BongBassed, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. I need your guy's help. I've been feelin kindal low latley and I recently got offer pain killers ( vikitin(sp) from my older sister. I'm pretty short and I only weigh like 120 lbs. Should I take em and if so, how many? and, how do they make you feel?
  2. yea and im wonderin about hydro codine kuz i got a 250mg pill of that for like $2 and im 130 lbs
  3. Take one and see how you feel. Some people are more sensitive to drugs than others.

    Or check Erowid.
  4. "hydro codine kuz i got a 250mg pill of that for like $2"
    no you didn't. you prolly got like a 5mg pill. the 250 is a different chemical in it (acetaminophen)
    250mg of hydrocodone will kill you.
    and bongbassed, i think you mean vicodin, which is hydrocodone. it depends on how much hydrocodone is in the pill as far as how much you should take.
    read up on
  5. first time take 2-4 of them. the first time you don't want to do a ton because it can get you prety sick and turn you away. any time after that take 5-8. check erowind too.
  6. i was thinkin about only takin one, by the way, other than this I'm a strict pothead
  7. i reccomend you stay a strict pot head.

    turning to painkillers should only be done when in physical pain. don't mess around with painkillers. they're not safe. y rot your stomach, mess with the chemicals in your brain, cause addiction, ruin your liver, etc etc.

    - my two pence
  8. people become easily addicted to painkillers cuz they are so cheap and get u fucked up easily.
  9. yea im pretty sure i was getting quite addicted to oxycodone this summer.

    i didnt like to do them too often, so i decided id put atleast 3 days between highs.

    well it got to the point where i did it every three days almost religiously. when i caught on to that i got kind of scared. havent touched em in about a month and a half now, havent even though about em?? guess i was just on the verge.
  10. "i didnt like to do them too often, so i decided id put atleast 3 days between highs"

    every 3-4 days is pretty often. i keep it to around 3-6 times a year. it's a special occasion kinda thing.
  11. I never tried the prescription stuff, I dont think I will ever, but there seems to be more cons than pros about that shit. The comedown a bitch right? I dont like when people critque somthing they never tried so ill just shut up. Is it really worth popin beans? honestly?
  12. there isn't really a come down for me. or my friends. i would say it's worth it. i like vicodin more than weed. but as i said it is an only on special occassions type of thing. like a few birthdays, your favorite holiday, the day a friend died, etc etc. -SPECIAL- occasions.. not like "weee i woke up. time for pills"
  13. pks are great..thats how i got hooked on love to pop a few vics again
  14. --side-effects--


    Allergic reactions, anxiety, blood disorders, constipation, decreased mental and physical capability, difficulty urinating, drowsiness, fear, hearing loss, itching, mental clouding, mood changes, restlessness, skin rash, slowed breathing, sluggishness


    always hungry, high as fuck, and thats it. Oh maybe longterm lung cancer. Buy a vapo!
  15. Well, based on my extensive personal experiance, I'd say if you are going to do it, or just want to try it, start with 1, if after about 30-45 minutes you dont feel anything, add another, let me tell you, one moment you will be fine, the next you'll start to feel dizzy like, and light. It's not a very accuarate discription, but it's the one I get in the hospital. Certain types of pain pills are highly addictive, but based on my experiance that can be broken somewhat easily. I would not reccomend more than 2 or 3 the first time.. I have a very high imunity to them now so I can't get away with taking anything less that 5 or 6... but I only take them when I'm in pain (when am I not?) Well, that's just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps some.

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