Pain in testicular area after smoking

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  1. Ok so about a month ago I smoked a bowl and like 10 minutes after smoking, I got extreme pain in my scrotum. The next few days it was sore and I decided to smoke again. Sure enough, that pain came right back. So I waited like a couple weeks, but i ended up smoking again and the pain came back once again. After this, it was clear to me that it was smoking that was causing this pain. I have quit weed altogether because of this pain and now my scrotum is just sore here and there. I researched this issue online and I came across a thing called a varicocele which is a enlarged vein in my testicle. I also read that smoking weed dilates your veins in your sack kinda what it does with the veins in your eyes. So maybe that's why I was having pain? I went to the urologist and they didn't find anything. I'm very confused and angry. Any one have any idea
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  4. I've been through this, no lie. It lasted 4 years and sucks so much. For the sake of knowledge though I must say I was smoking something else when the pain started and even after I quit I would still feel excruciating pain on my testicles for another year. It sucked because they would be so sensitive and always ache so I couldn't be comfortable anywhere. It was usually one ball at a time and I went to the doctor probably 10 times in total for this issue with no success at finding the source. That was from 17-20 and I'm now 22. So happy I haven't had severe ball pain/discomfort in 2 years. I hope and think it will eventually cease to bother you mentally, physically and or emotionally. Though meanwhile regular doctor visits might do your paranoia good and a lighter or cooler way of smoking
  5. Well i havent smoked for about 2 months and i havent had any real pain. Maybe some soreness here and there. My question for you is: Can you smoke and not get any pain? I wanted to smoke but i dont want the pain to return. I was thinking of smoking in small quanties (like a .1 g) every once in a while
  6. I too have experienced this and thus I have quit smoking for close to 4 months now. I started experiencing a slight pain and a dull ache in my testicle area around January of 2016 and I had been smoking around 3 times a week. At first I ignored it and told myself it was nothing to be worried about and was all in my head because the pain would be on and off. However as the months progressed, I would experience the ache more intensly and it would happen each and every time I smoked. I tried cutting down my sessions to about once a week and it still did not help and so finally in March of this year I gave it up for good and have not had any issues or any sense of discomfort ever since. I do miss smoking as it was a regular part of my life for about 4 years prior to this experience and it sucks to not be able to enjoy it anymore. I have not gone to a doctor regarding this issue and I don't plan on smoking again in fear of what this pain can one day develop into if I choose to ignore it. In my opinion and from what I have gathered from online forums, the pain is more so to do with hyper active nerves and blood flow that occurs when being high that causes this sensation rather than it being anything wrong with your reproductive organs. However, I do believe it's in your best interest to lay off it for the time being because again, I'm no expert nor is there any definitive answer to be found online about this either. Best of luck
  7. Do you cough when you smoke? Could be a hernia.
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  8. Ok, so I quit weed for a month. Pain starts to go away, but recently i drank alot of alcohol and my balls started to ache again. So i think whenever i take something that increases my blood flow, it hurts down there or something. Like the other day after i worked out, it was achey. Ugghhhhhhhh
  9. Thats strange, I don't have any issues when drinking alcohol or working out and I also forgot to mention that the discomfort only seems to occur when smoking in large amounts, a few pulls to get myself buzzed tends to cause no pain. In your case however, experiencing the discomfort during other activities could be a sign of some sort of underlying issue that's completely unrelated to weed, maybe try a urologist visit again?
  10. Any update?

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