Pain in my nuts after smoking!?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brettmobile1, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Everytime i toke up, i get an achey pain in my nuts shortly after. If I smoke a lot at one time, the pain gets extremely painful, even lasting for days at times. I've been smoking in small quantities to make the pain bearable. Ive been to the doctor several times but they couldnt find anything, including no varicocele which i initially thought was the problem. I tried quitting for 2 months, but i ended up smoking again. Still a little achey. I really want this pain to go away but i dont want to quit smoking.
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  3. Go back to the doctor. I have a varicocele. I had surgery to correct it. It came back. I had pain just like this before surgery. There are a few other specific things that could be causing it. Believe it or not try stretching before smoking and put a. Warm wet cloth on your junk to open blood flow. Not to warm or cold as this will affect the temp and could make things worse.

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  4. Help this mans nuts!

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  5. You could have testicular torsion. Schedule another doctor visit. Best of luck
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  7. They call it getting Stoned for a reason.
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  8. You might have cancer. The usual way to check is by pinching your nuts hard and twisting them to see if you feel any pain or irregularities.
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  9. Bro i have this issue. I have a variocele. Ive smoked everyday for 4 years. And this shit happens. So sad honestly. I have 2 hits and my veins swell up and hurt bad. I feel ive been cursed

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