Pain in eyes after smoking weed

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Belltink89, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. So lately whenever I smoke I get this pain behind my know that pain hou get behind your eyes when you look at the sun? Like your eyes are being very strained? This is how my eyes feel, and im wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there's a solution. No, I haven't gone to the doctor yet.
  2. And yes, Plz see your Doctor (Hepa will protect you)..If I smoke a Sativa leaning strain I get the pressure in my eyes..Back in the day, we called it 'eye gouger" weed..Seriously..

    No effect like that for me with Indicas;)
  3. It's HIPPA (not Hepa), and it won't protect you. Any doctor can report illegal activity to the police. See a doc and just leave out the mj usage
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  4. Sorry a bit baked here:) Hepa is the filter in my house..LMAO
    ..I always thought that Hippa would protect a doctor's a lawyer..In any event..a dr comes 1st.
  5. All good. I actually typed it wrong. It's HIPAA. Ya'll can google what it actually covers
  6. Your not getting enough sleep maybe?
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