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Pain from smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jprost7, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. I’ve noticed a bulging vein on the side of my temple every time I smoke or use any type of marijuana. Along with pain I have sever throbbing pain. It almost feels like the pain is behind my eye but it is stimulating from the vein. This has been going on for about 2 months every single day. I went to the doctor and he ran blood work and didn’t find anything but prescribed me anti inflammatory pills, but still couldn’t figure out what is wrong with me. Has anyone else had anything like this or know what it is?? I just wanna be able to enjoy my high again.
  2. If marijuana is giving you negative effects stop smoking dude lol, if I was getting negative effects I'd stop..
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  3. Maybe you should have a localised scan?
  4. Muscle spasms imho
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  5. Kinda hard when I have been smoking the last two years of my life
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  6. Well it just might have been the last 2 years of your life.
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  7. Yeah I’m looking into that, I’m going to see another doctor on Monday so hopefully I get some good news.
  8. That’s what I’m worried of haha, gonna be a boring life without it
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  9. Why do you smoke? If it's not for pain relief or medical reasons you'll have no problems quitting lol..

    I smoke mainly for pain relief now if I was to stop I'd probably end up in hospital bitching about pain lmaooo
  10. I mainly smoke for migraines cause I would get like 3-4 a week and smoking helped tremendously
  11. I’m staying with muscle spams. I have them in my temporal region. Sounds like what you’ve experienced.
  12. Do they ever go away or is there a way to prevent them or is it just something I’m gonna have to live with?
  13. Go see a doctor dude they'll be able to tell you what's wrong
  14. I’ve been to 3 different doctors and none of them know what’s wrong they ran blood work and still didn’t find anything
  15. It could be a sub dermal hematoma
  16. I haven’t had any head injuries though so idk, I appreciate the help from everyone though
  17. I take a muscle relaxer 4x a day as well as other pharmas which you’re not allowed to mention on this forum even though they may help you. Seriously.
    I feel much better. It felt like maybe an aneurism or something like that. Right at your temple, enough to make you feel like you might go blind.
    There are certain strains that work well for muscle spams. Maybe check into them or suggest the spasms to your primary care dr. My specialist figured it out for me.
    Good luck

  18. Maybe you’re using the wrong strain. I was using Champlain 20.9%THC and it hurt so bad I stopped after 3 weeks. The cannabis drs told me to keep using it but it was more painful then what’s wrong with me. If you’re not smoking medicinally your body maybe getting used to the strain and turning on you. Hope you find out why. Good Luck

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