Paid with cash, forgot order info

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    Hey i''m new. I just mailed my cash a couple days ago but i forgot to print out the order information and stick it in the envelope. Is there a way that they can find my order by looking at my address?

    thanks :)
  2. id say call the company, email them, send another additional letter. anything to ensure they know WTF that money is for. They might be smart enough to look at orders under the name in the return adress but they might just percy ur money. Also, i hope u didnt just put money in an envelope without wrapping it in some kinda paper, post office workers are know to gladly take cash envelopes.
  3. you sent cash through the mail?

    hmmmmmmm damn good idea.
  4. Ok I'll shoot them an email really quick. And yeah, i wrapped it up in paper so those greedy bastards don't get to it.

  5. Call them instead if you can.

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