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Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.Burnsalot, May 2, 2011.

  1. I've seen things about it in the past and I decided my time has come to become a paid member. I've been here long enough that I feel it is neccesary.

    How do I become one?
  2. Going to do it when I get paid later this week!
  3. go bronze; we need more recruits for the war going on vs. the golds
  4. Might go silver to be neutral =P
  5. I like that you can get a bigger avatar and all that shit with gold but $30? wtf

    I'ma go bronze pretty soon too. :D
  6. Can someone name a gold member?

  7. Me, but i have the green so you cant tell haha
  8. Gooolllddddd

  9. this.

    join the right side. :wave:
  10. [​IMG]

    Do the right thing, join the Gold forces. :devious:

  11. I dunno if bronze even has 1 mod, you guys have me to keep the force powerful on golds terms hehehe, and im sure im not the only golden mod on here... but i cant think of 1 bronze
  12. fuck that. blue's the best.

  13. Pff, blue.... you're just the pawns on this almighty chess board heheheheheh ;)
  14. edit*

    might go gold.

  15. Bronze: small discount
    Silver: bigger discount
    Gold: biggest discount + signature size increase
    Red: Old school members, can neg rep
    Green: mod, almighty and all powerful, obviously sit in a throne and have servants made of weed.

    I dont remember the discount quantities right now but its all over the place
  16. here found the specifics

  17. we have you all outnumbered :mad::devious::D

  18. Out numbered yes, but lack the power thou does.

    10000000 blue members can touch not the mods, 1 mod can ban 1000000 blue members though hehehehehe. Its like a jedi vs a stack of paper

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