Paid for a quarter... got an extra 1/8th

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PhillieBluntCP, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. what up GC!!

    so a few days ago i couldnt find any trees at all and then i decided to call one of my dealers that is notorious for being skimpy... (never bought a bag bigger then .7 for 20$..... trust me this was always a last resort lol)

    well anyway i give him a call and he says 100$ for a quarter of jack..... i go at like 11 and pick it up give him the money and got the trees.... it looked straight so i just took it straight home to use my scizzy

    weighed it out and it was 10.5..... my brother needed some tree so i "gave" him an eighth.....

    ended up only paying aroung 40$ for a quarter.... not bad eh?
  2. damn you made out real good. Post some pics of the jack if you can.
  3. Wow, the one situation where having the dealer weight it in front of you would have made things worse!

  4. Damn... you made your bro pay the absolute max for an 8th? That sucks dude i'd have at least taken like 5-10 bucks off it.

    Ah well, in the end 40$ for a quarter of jack is awesome, enjoy the smoke bro:smoke:

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