Paid 140 for a Bong and kid Beat Me HELP

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  1. I spent $140 on a bong recently and its been over a week and the person hasn't given me the bong what should I do to receive the bong still, I know he still has it too PLEASE HELP!!

  2. Approach him nicely and talk about it. You know about the stoners memories sometimes.
  3. I will next time I see him thanks :)
  4. Seems like you got scammed sir. I hope you learned your lesson.
  5. He doesn't usually scam, ive been smoking for a while, I know what a scammer is dude.
  6. Usually? Uh oh.
  7. Online or in person?
  8. Sounds like you were asking for it.
    If you had any common sense, you wouldn't have paid that much unless you got the damn thing right away.
    Smooth move, buddy.
  9. Team america: world police is on the case!
  10. you arent going to see the bong or your money. It's been a week and there was no reason for you to give him the money before getting the bong, and there was no real reason for him to accept the money since he did not have the bong with him. He took your money, ask him nicely, but I am 99% sure he took your money. Unless he's got bills, but responsible people who pay their bills don't behave the way he is acting...he took it. 
  11. Yeah sorry to say it but you probably got scammed
    If he wasn't trying to rip you off he would've given you the bong at the same time you paid.
  13. You got scammed bro.
  14. If you have to ask what to do in this situation deserve to be ripped off.....
  15. you gotta have street smarts man. he ran yo shit lil nigga. get your weight up and just take the L. I'm sure if you approach him the wrong way he beats your ass too. that'll be 140 loss and a black eye for you, you square! 
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    Fuck yeah!
    comin' to save
    the mother fuckin' day yeah!
  17. LOL AND I THOUGHT the guy that took your bong beat yo ass then took your bong , that would of been fucked up I would black out and just jump him but I tend to get extremly pissed cause im usually calm lol . But confront this fucker call him 5 times if ncessary if you know his parents? or met them at hopme I would just go confront them if he doesnt bear news after a week
    the man thinks his good friend is stealing his  140$ bong ,The fuck is wrong with you , if you aint gonna help dont comment
  19. stab the fuck out of his bitch ass
  20. Tell him to give you the bong, or give you the back the money.  If he can do neither, then tell him you'll take as much as he can give you now, and can pay you the rest over time.   

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