Paid $100 for weed that taste like ass

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  1. How i talk to my guy about this without making it sound the wrong way. He has given me good shit in past. But this weed i got was straight up ass. You guys havw had any similar experiences?
  2. I've had dealers who have done similar things. They promise me they've gotten their hands on some amazing bud. It looks good and smells good, but when I get home and take a hit, it tastes like shit and gives me a really weak high. These are the kind of dealers who I stop visiting.
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  3. Yes. It happens.

    I have dealers that prefer indicas, I have dealers that prefer sativas, hybrids, etc.

    Sometimes, one of them will sell me some stuff that's eh... sometimes it's some boss shit that makes me question why she's not my main.

    It's not so much potency (although it does factor in sometimes), more so it's straight indica where I prefer sativas or hybrids.
  4. The search for a good dealer is like looking for a gem in the rough. There are plenty of good and bad dealers out there, so it's just a matter of recognizing the good ones and holding onto them. I've even befriended some of my best dealers, so they give me even bigger deals than their other customers, it's great.
  5. Bad flush/cure most likely.

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  6. Worried about hurting a drug dealers feelings? Just ask why the fuck the shit he sold you is such trash.
  7. Lmao straight up G. Its cool i got 20 off next q purchase of some tasty silver haze
  8. Yeah because you gave him a come up and he knows it was some booty weed that he gave you.
  9. You don't eat booty?
  10. I don't not eat booty lol.
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