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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JIMBO33, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Ok I've designed a grow room and want to run it by the experts to make sure I haven't missed a problem. I'm using a big walk-in closet. It has a 97 inch ceiling, so I am going to place a board about 4 ft. up to break it into two layers. The bottom will have around 30 sq. ft. of room while the top will have about 20 sq. ft. I can't make the board as large as the floor or I couldn't reach to the back of the closet on the second level. The bottom is going to be a nice hydro setup, nutrient film technique. I've had some experience with this with other more legal plants. The top I am going to use soil. I think for containers, I'm going to try and find 1 gallon containers, like milk jugs or something cheap. Since I'm somewhat limited on height, I am going to do a sea of green grow with the potted plants. So hopefully one gallon containers will be large enought since the plant should never get taller than 3 ft. By the way, I am growing dutch passion, and some random bag seed that had kinda red/orange hairs, who knows what that is? Anyway, for lighting I am going to use a 400W Metal Halide for veg on the hydro and then add a 400W HPS for flowering. On the potted plants, I am just going to use a 400W and a 100W HPS for the whole grow. For nutrients, I have hydro nutes for the hydro, and I'm going to use something like miracle grow patio for the potted plants, with a bloom booster when flowering comes around. For the soil I am going to use a basic potting soil with a percentage of perlite to open it up. I'm worried about heat buildup in the closet since it is pretty much full, so I am going to vent it three maybe even four times a day. This should keep the temperature under 85 if my tests are accurate. I have a small oscillating fan for each level, and a True Air air freshner. That's about it I think. I also have the entire closet covered with 6 mil plastic sheeting (floor, walls, everything) and have mylar to put on the walls where it is needed. I have a third 400W HPS light, to put wherever, I don't really know what to do with it, maybe add it to the top level. Thanks for the help.
  2. i'd keep a close eye on the temp as with that much light in the one room your gonna have a minature sauna...try taking some readings, before you put the grow in for the soil part, you'd see better results with the HPS for have you thought about the electricity bill? will jump quite a bit!....Peace out....Sid
  3. that could possibly lead to water and ferts and soil dripping into the hydro set-up.......Peace out...Sid

    uless you do it the other way round with the hydro on top...?
  4. Sounds interesting...the only suggestion I have is to take some of that plastic sheeting and overlap it around the milk jugs, so light doesn't get in.
  5. Here's a little more info, there is plastic sheeting in between both layers, so I don't think anything will drip down. I am worried about the temp, but the empty room got up to about 85 with two lights on. Secrecy is key, so I can't have a big exhuast tube coming out of the room, the best I can do is vent it 4 times a day. Is there anything else that I can do to keep temp down? Another concern is for the lights, when the plants are almost ready to harvest they should be about 3 ft if I do the sea of green technique properly right? Well if I have one 400 W light in the middle of a 4.5 ft. X 4.5 ft. grow area with less than a foot between them plants and lights, will all the plants get enough light? And about the plastic jugs, I should cover them with something black so light won't get it? Is this to prevent algae and other unwanted organism growth? Thanks for the help again.
  6. is there no way you can do it the same as me.....what i have to do is leave the light's on from 6pm to as when i go to bed the lights are still on but the grow room door is open, but it's only open into a hall that is sealed by approx 6 as when i get up at approx 8am....the grow room light is off and i just close the door on my way to the toilet.....and as long as i'm there to open the door by say approx 6.30pm.....everything goes fine.....the temp in your case would be very important if it's reading 85 without and plants and only the 2 lights there a reason you can't just leave the grow door open?.....Peace out....Sid
  7. i did smoke a little before that last post. I could do the Xpanded metal shelf since I have the lights arranged for
    a single start-to-finish grow...
  8. If the temperature is too high, set up a small soundfree computer fan. have it shoot outside the closet and if smell is an issue, put a few plug ins next to the air coming out.
  9. The only problem with having a constant vent is that, I can't cut into the closet door and it has to be closed and locked when I'm gone or when company is over. Aside from the temp issue, does this setup sound like a good plan?

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