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  1. Can anyone help diagnose my babies please?

    smaller one is 1.5 weeks
    bigger one is 2 weeks

    8x 26watt 5600k cfl

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    What's in the soil?

    The big one is root bound and its roots are suffocating. Seedlings should be started in an inert seed-starter substrate. They should be transplanted out of the plastic cups & into larger containers of nutritious soil with Worm Castings & such when the single-bladed leaves have reached full size and the three-bladed leaves begin forming between them; a few days prior to the size shown in the first pic.
  3. I'm using Miracle Gro Seed starter that was recommended in budzilla's beginners sticky, the bigger one never experienced what the one in the first pic is displaying now.

    So time for both to move to bigger pot and is there any reason for the yellowing on the first one?

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