Packing your bowls

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  1. Packing your nowls is prettuy easy, but how do you pack those ice pinch slides from Toro/SGW without touching it with your fingers or just mashing the slide into your smokables?
  2. Not hard,i just pack a dip,use your grinder to get a good pinch of weed,then pack it in there. You could just slide weed into it too,stick it in your grinder and load it up
  3. Wait what? I said how do you pack a bowl without touching it with your fingers, using a scoop or other method is time consuming and much falls to the side. So for I have come up with a 18-14 adaptor used as a glass funnel, just wondering if anyone else has an idea, not quite sure I know what a dip is, to me a dip is a glass rod.
  4. lol i'm talking a about chewing lol,you know how they take a pinch,well i kinda compress the weed against the grinder and take a the pinch of weed but i compress it, so then it fits right into your ip slide,the weed has to be sorta moist. Just do it over your grinder. That the only way i can explain it hahah
    Or just scoop the ip into your grinder.then compress,then reload.
    You could prolly make a funnel from a bigger straw.
  5. WTF?

    I thought you just take some weed and put it in there? Thats what i do. And theres no point to not touching the weed, yea you loose some tricomes but not enough to notice.
  6. i have a piece of paper and pour it on it than slide it in my bowl
  7. I guess I'm a little OCD lol. I even bust my weed up with a glass tool so my herb only touches glass.
  8. I use a business card folded in half lenth ways. It loads my M420 very well.
  9. lmao...dude yeah just strop worrying about that.

    If your so worried about loosing thc you shouldn't be smoking your product
  10. It's not about losing thc, its about dirty fingers
  11. you smoking mexican brick weed?

  12. lemmie tell ya. bacteria dissapear pretty fast under heat. its not a problem.
  13. step 1. Grind up Herb
    Step 2. Put herb in plastic baggie
    Step C. Place bowl inside plastic baggie
    Step 3.11: Move herb around until it fills up said bowl
    Step: Smoke and post results.
  14. .... you still gotts touch the nug when you put it in the grinder.

  15. This would work but WTF is going on with your steps?!

  16. lol i think he was high and wanted to fuck with someone.

    Like this.

    Step 1, grind bud
    Step B, put in bowl
    step III, smoke that shit.
    step 4, Be high.

    I used numbers, letters and roman numerals. It fucks with people.
  17. Uh touching it won't hurt the bud hell you probably lose more trichs by rubbing that shit around with glass/paper sorting it and loading it than you would by just pickin the shit up out of your grinder
  18. If your weed is making your fingers dirty, it must be pretty nasty...since when did a little pot make your fingers dirty? All natural homie

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