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Packing Weed in a Hookah

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brokey, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Just got my Mya Staff. Approx how much weed should I mix in with the shisha to get a good smoke? I got a gram of Trainwreck and a gram of Sour Diesel. The hookah bowl just looks like a normal sized clay bowl, so it's not too big. Also anyone recommend any flavors that go well with weed?
  2. Well I wouldn't be the best person to tell you sence I wont put any weed in my hookah, but just make sure that you don't put too much that it dryes the tobbaco out.
  3. I tried a few days ago and mixed about a dime of Sour D with the shisha. There was a lot more shisha than weed though, and I didn't really get that high. Actually I couldn't tell if I was weed or shisha buzzed. lol My cousin said he got really blazed though... Odd.

    Is it better to mix it up with the shisha(thats what I did) or just put a layer of weed on top of the shisha?
  4. I have done the dirty hookah plenty of times. Mix in about a bowls worth with the shisha and then sprinkle another bowls worth ontop. To much will just make it burn. Are you using quick light charchol?
  5. I have a hookah just for smoking weed, and one for shisha. I've never found a good combonation of shisha and weed for a goods smoke out of a hookah. I either smoke all shisha or all weed.
    Nothin beats loading up an 8th of some grade and tokin it away with 3 friends.

    btw im new here. helllo haha.
  6. Put both them muhfuggas in there n smoke that shit
  7. well I've only made it work SEMI-DECENT by putting 3/4 weed and 1/4 shisha...

    The shisha is too wet to let the bud burn properly and I'd never do this with dank.
  8. This probably seems like the best bet. I've got both quicklight and natural but I normally use quicklights. Is it good to do with dank or would it be a waste?
  9. That would be a total waste of dank. In my opinion, you should just pack up a bowl or roll a joint to smoke while you're smoking the hookah so that way niether interferes with the other.
  10. I usually put like 1/4 weed mabey a little more if you want but not more than the amount of shisha. I put the weed and the shisha in a little pile then kind of mash the molassis into the herb so it get moist. It will burn like the shisha then. Its good its worked everytime I've done it.

  11. Yeah i would reccommend using real charcoals i like the taste better. But yeah man its cool to do with dank but the key is to not use to much. Since its mixed with shisha it makes the hits alot smoother so you can take in much more and hold it for longer. Its intense.
  12. we've thrown an eigth in there before, and i was completely ripped!

    OOOOH and we had watermelon shisha :)
  13. fuck the sisha
  14. by far the best solution.
  15. No, don't mix them. Shisha is to be puffed like a cigar, and tasted, not inhaled and smoked like weed. It is unhealthy to get shisha smoke into your lungs, with all the chunks of fruit, and glycerin it could be worse than cigarettes.

    Don't mix weed with it, just smoke the weed first, then relax with a nice bowl of yummy shisha tobacco.
  16. woah. is that true?
  17. I mix weed with shisha all the time... often times ending up in an intense head high that feels great. I usually pack about 4/5 of the bowl with straight hookah tobacco (mint/margarita are my fav's to spliff) and then sprinkle crushed up weed/kief/hash on the top layer. The first few hits are pure chronic but then it starts to mix well.

  18. thats such shit. not to be offensive or anything.. but no one i know does it like that, and also i have been to dubai, egypt and saudi arabia recently where i smoked shisha and they inhale it aswell.

    you cant get a decent sized hit off a shisha by puffing, you need to use your lungs atleast a little, and therefore it would be inhaling.

    me personally, i just hit it straight down till my lungs are full.

    but back to the topic:

    what i find works well is if you start your shisha normally, then after about 5 mins, take out the top third layer of shisha and put weed in, then put the shisha back.

  19. This guy has it right. Trust me, I took my hookah to a frat house party last night and got like 5 heads ripped and 30 heads buzzed off 2 grams, idk how it happened. Yoou just do as this guy zeprocker says. 4/5 shisha 1/5 weed. Heres a valuble tip: after you sprinkle the weed on top, put a tiny bit of shisha on top of the weed, not enough to cover it, just enought so that the weed isnt the highest object in the bowl. This will prevent that uneven distribution of thc somewhat. Also, personally I think mixing weed in is a waste, because after the bowl is kicked you still have good shisha and weed, but its mixed in with all the burnt stuff on top.

    Btw, did I mention it was a toga party? I had a bed sheet on and a wreath of plastic marijuana leaves around my head, sitting on the couch in front of my hookah. I felt like the emperor of the stoners.

    PS, the mint shisha is awesome. Instead of making it feel like your filling your lungs up with hookah-y goodness, it actually feel like you're clearing your lungs with every hit. Maybe its just b/c my friend got it when he was in Israel, but mint is amazing
  20. Thanks for all the replies. I'll try the 4/5 shisha 1/5th weed thing tonight.. Last time I mixed it up before putting it in the bowl and I didn't get that high. I've got some unopnened al-waha mint laying around, too.

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