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Packing it to the side?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scullsyk, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Alright, this sounds like horseshit too me but I figured I would ask you guys. My friend claims that packing a cash bowls to the side will cause it to resinate faster. Is that true?

  2. no comprende. clarify. do you mean after a bowl is cashed he rubs the ashes into the bowl?
  3. He squashes the cash bowl to the side of the bowl
  4. that is just plain stupid all he is doing is adding ash to resin
  5. How do you pack a cashed bowl. ( other then packing it up again ) Could you restate your question

    That would be sick resin. like more nasteir then it already is
  6. I can't imagine how that would make it resinate faster at all. :confused:

    Resin accumulates when the smoke from the burning herb flows through the piece. Keeping the cashed stuff in there isn't going to produce any extra smoke or anything, since it's already cashed...

    So I'd go with "no". :p
  7. I think what he is saying is that he repacks greens into a bowl w/o removing the ash from the bowl before? If your smoking from a bong then the ash is gonna go into the water, but I still clear the bowl first, just cause its dirty...If your packing a pipe...I dont know why your friend would want to inhale the ask from the bowl before. just clean it out, its really not that hard
  8. Thanks to the replies, much appreciated

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