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packing bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalhead2273, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys noob question. I got my first bong and spoon (ive been making pieces out of waterbottles and sockets....) and im used to doing little one hitter bowls in the socket but ive never actually used big fat bowls like my spoon and bong have. The bong bowl is an inch tall, do i fill the entire thing with weed or put little one or two hitters in it? I'm not really sure how a bowl works, if I fill it up quite a bit will only the top part of the weed get burned or does the flame get dragged down or something? Any bowl advice please.. haha
  2. Pack some and smoke it. It's not complicated.
  3. I think he's asking like if he should break it up better (perhaps in a grinder)? About how much of the bowl should be filled? "Till" the ash to find more bud? Maybe not those specific questions, but just asking for tips that'll make the weed burn better.

    With me I make sure it's broken up almost as fine as it can get (not powder though) and kinda keep the bud fluffed or just not packed too much. Then about half way i till the ash to get the bud from under it and spark up again, tends to work for me pretty good.
  4. step 1: grind weed

    step 2: pack bowl firmly, not too much pressue to allow airflow

    step 3: puff, and puff some more.
  5. How to do it right:

    If you have a grinder, use that to bust it. If not...

    Get a shot glass and some scissors. Put your bud in the shot glass, put the scissors in, and dice like a motherfucker and you'll bust it up pretty damn good, might take a bit but it makes it burn nicer. Take your ground up product, and place it inside the bowl, fill it as much as you want, press it down lightly so that it compacts it a -little- bit, but not too much, then spark away. I usually cook mine half and half, till and kill. I light the left side of the bowl, haul for 5 seconds or so, pull, haul, extra breath, hold, exhale, repeat on right side. Then, I till the bowl, scrape it around some cause some of the cooked bits underneath aren't fully scorched and you can still get your go out of em, then I give it that one last burn over top, pull as much ash through as I can, tap the rest out.
  6. there is really no way you can fuck it up. Some people like it looser, some pack it firmer, but either way you will get high. Try it different ways, eventually you will perfect the bowl the way you like it.

    I like to maintain the bowl as it is burning, if it is a multiple hitter. Poke and prod at it, getting it all burnt and applying enough pressure to keep the ash from pulling through.
  7. lol do you really have to ask?

    put some marijuana in the hole
    use your lighter and let the flame touch the marijuana
    get high

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