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Packing Bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DayDayRules, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Okay, so this seems like a stupid problem, but what is the proper technique to packing bowls? Every time i pack them, the weed falls into the bong before it is even lit. Very well ground weed btw, electric grinder.
  2. Well durr?? Put a big chunk at the bottom to hold the smaller peices from falling through. It isn't really a science..just common sense.
  3. I dont usually grind my weed if i smoke it from a pipe
  4. So i should pack it really tight at the bottom, and then just sprinkle the rest on top?
  5. Always pack the bowl down with your finger after every hit...
  6. Put your electric grinder on a lower setting. Bigger pieces.
  7. No...just dont put tiny little ground up pieces on top of a hole and not expect them to fall through.

    Step 1: Take a slightly larger piece of weed and place at bottom.

    Step 2: Take ground up weed and fill up as much as you desire.

    Step 3: Lighly pack it down with your lighter, finger, or any other tool you may desire.

    Step 4: Get blowed.
  8. Put a nugg at the bottom and then sprinkle the grinded weed on top, light, inhale, exhale, enjoy!
  9. Alright, thanks for the tips.
  10. I don't even bother breaking it up for bongs, I'll just shove a whole nug in there. I found it burns up the weed less quickly.
  11. Your problem sounds like no screen.
    Put a screen in it, sounds like the problem to me.
  12. the only think i dont like about that is that there is no bowl penetration, you just scortch and blacken up the whole top of the bowl the first time trying to rip it.

    just use your fingures and fill the bowl with moderate sized pieces.
  13. i either put a small stem, or nug at the bottom and fill shake on the top..just like everyone has been saying, but yeah give it a shot and im sure you will have greatttt success
  14. roll a ball, bigger than the hole of your downstem/bowl/whatever, of bud. then proceed to pack the rest of your buds.
  15. yeah either put a big piece down on the bottom or get a screen, they are very cheap, 99 cents at my headshop.
  16. When you grind up your weed, make sure to break off a decent sized 'nug-plug' that you can put in the bottom of your bowl, then sprinkle your ground up stuff on top.
  17. Well that's your problem. Don't grind it!
  18. Nug, to plug.

  19. Haha, thats ace. Thanks champs.
  20. Dont use the grinder for bowls, just break it up w/ your hands

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