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Packing bowls...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kfgk14, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Do you take a little piece of nug (like tiny) and compress it down into the bottom of the bowl to prevent it pulling through (scooby snacks), then pack the rest loose? That's the method I was taught, but is it better to just pack it loosey goosey through and through? If you guys get what I'm saying, I mean like take a tiny (think bb-sized) bit of nug and pack it into the bottom to prevent pull-through? Thanks, excuse my ignorance, I've smoked a fair amount this last year and yet I don't know this bit.
  2. Depends, I've never actually had a piece that had a problem with pulling ground weed through the hole or holes.
  3. i just pick it apart and wallah
  4. I've done both. It all depends on how finely ground your bud is, if it's very fine put a nug in the bottom, if not you'll be fine without. I always use a screen though which you can find pretty easily at your local head shop or hardware store (same screens that are used in faucets) ... I used to have this tiny glass piece you would put in that would cover the hole to prevent anything from sucking through while still allowing airflow and smoke to pass... unfortunately it's lost :(
  5. You can find glass screens like you had at most headshops that sell metal screens
  6. all you need to prevent pulling weed through (very effectively) is a small glass or stone bead, which can be bought at craft stores like michael's. buy a pack and it comes with all different sizes and shapes. find the right shape and it will fit in the bottom of the bowl perfectly. the hole in the bead will allow you to have nice air flow. when resin collects on the bead, it will be easier to make it stick in the right place.

    try it!
  7. I pack it all grinded usually. I found it generally isn't necessary unless the hole is pretty big.
  8. Only grinders I see now a days that actually grind bud up enough to where that would be a problem is acrylic grinders. Idk why, they always seem to be the finest grind lol.
  9. Do you really call it scooby snacks? Seriously?
    And no if the hole is big enough to where it's pulling through? Thumb pack the fuck out of it.
  10. N!gga I've called ash from a dry pipe Scooby snacks since I was 13 HAHAHAHAHA
  11. it doesn't matter what I do if what you do works for you :)
  12. Or you could just use brass screens. Buy them in bulk in different sizes online for like $5 for 300 of them.
  13. Why are you questioning this? Ash coming through a pipe is commonly known as scooby snacks

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