Packing a large bowl(such as a bong)

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  1. Suppose your first goal is to be as healthy as possible and the second is to get as much out of your bud as possible with minimal waste. How should you pack a larger bowl? Break up the bud? How much? Explain why?
  2. Buy a Vaporizer.
    End of Thread.

  3. haha right?
    deffinetely get a vaporizer
  4. moooo smoked weed
  5. Buy a grinder with a pollen/keif catcher (whichever you prefer to call it)

    Then put the bud in, hold the grinder so that the bud will not go anywhere but be ground up in the teeth. After a minute of grinding, turn your grinder the other way to let the bud fall through the holes to get to the screen for the keif.

    From there, add that really ground up weed to your bowl but DO NOT pack it too much. Pack it loosely and fill the bowl. Don't worry about packing the bowl to the brim or anything.

    Then smoke. After the weed in the bowl turns from green to white as you and others take hits, then dump that out and add more weed until you are high / out of bud.

  6. He forgot to add BUY A VAPE
  7. I can smoke out of a vapo all night and not feel a thing. For some reason, a vape dont do shit for me

  8. Im the opposite.I had an Illadelph Heavy Hitter I could smoke all day and the high would last maybe 20 minutes.

    Vape fucks me up for hours.
  9. idk i would get a 2 foot grafix bong with a grinder with the kief catcher thang...and get a decent spoon./..perfect set up grinder spoon and bong
  10. Why people like vaporizers so much is beyond me, and its say they didnt see you were saying, talking about glass... I would say the same as the other guy, but if you do have enough bud, fill the bowl tight, and fully packed, i think it would last longer then a loose bowl
  11. My thread has nothing to do with vaporizaers. It has to do with the best method for packing a bowl in a bong.
  12. What i always do is bust up the bud, not real fine, but decent, then ill take a pinch, and pinch it together so it will block the hole from your bowl so no weed gets through when you take your hit, then after the hole is blocked ill bust up the weed a bit more, and then put it in the bowl, pack it down, not to hard though, you dont want to pack it to tight otherwise it will be hard to smoke it. Then if you want top off the bowl with some keif, and smoke.

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