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Packing a bowl with ground up weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PeacefulStoner, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. I just got a grinder and i grinded up all my weed to try it out because i was excited lol. But now all my weeds ground up i was thinking, can i pack a bowl with ground up weed? Its really ground up. Before i got a grinder, i would put whole nugs in the bowl, if there big rip them up a little but i didnt break it up alot. I dont think itll go through the hole in the bowl because the holes pretty small, i never use screens in it.
    Comments? Opinions? :smoke:
  2. I grind up my weed and put it right in the bowl no problem. Nothing should fall through until it is ash.
  3. What do you think a grinder is for? Load the fucking bowl.

  4. I thought it was mostly for if your rolling blunts or joints. Sorry this is my first grinder
  5. You're just thinking that way because like you said, you are used to packing bowls by basically just throwing chunks of weed in.
    The grinded weed won't fall through the hole, just take a pinch and pack it in the bottom a little tight but dont press down hard.
    You'll like it, grinded weed gives you a much better hit

  6. Alright thanks man
  7. you should always grind your weed up regardless
    not really fine or anything
    but its like extracting something
    to get the full effects
    break it open some more
    break it down

    oh yea
    wich grinder did you end up getting???

  8. Thankss :smoke:
  9. ill never understand why noobs toss a whole nug in a bowl. i never used to do it, never have done it, never even wanted to.

    its just obvious its going to produce a shitty smoke that burns weirdly.

  10. I just got a $20 one from a head shop by me. It seems to be working really good. Its 3 chambers. If i dont like it i know someone that will buy it off me and ill go get myself a nicer one, ill get a space case

  11. Im not new to smoking, been blazing for a long time. Just always been taught that it doesnt matter if you break it up when you pack a bowl. No one ever corrected me. Now i know better :smoke:
  12. it should work just fine
    sounds like one with the pyramid shaped grinders inside???

    if it is
    check the screen chamber to make sure
    that the screen is being held in place tightly
    thats always a big problem with those grinders
    mainly the bob marley ones

  13. Yea it is the pyramid shaped ones, thanks for the tipp
  14. Its better
  15. hellyea man, those are good grinding teeth, compared to say
    sharpstone, in my opinion.
    ive seen sharpstone teeth bend out of place n shit
    but the cheaper ones have shitty screens
    and sometimes weed will fallinto the keif chamber
    if you can find it
    theres a yin yang topped, grinder
    is really good,
    mine came with an extra screen to
    only 3o bucks
  16. You might have to put a little peice of bud in the bottom of the bowl, depending on how big it is. If its a pipe you should'nt have a problem, if its a bowl for a bong then you might have to stuff it. :smoke:
  17. yes, make some food

    make some fried pickles dude.
    theyr the sheit!
  18. I have a five piece grinder with two scenes and 4 chambers, grinds my bud real nice. I have found the a simple 50$ glass screen isn't bad, keeps the bowl from sucking threw or anything getting threw at all really. Next always use a grinder, makes your bud burn nice and even with a smoother, longer lasting bowl. Also don't pack it to tight, I have met a lot of people that pack it to tight, just apply a slight pressure with the back of a lighter.
  19. i have those ones , its a 5 piece with 2 screens and the first screen is kinda loose , as in it can bend up and down is there anyway to fix it without breaking?

    and to op yea u can pack a bowl with ground up weed just take a pinch and put it in and keep putting weed till u like
  20. i dnt think theres a way to really fix it without fucking something up
    i just ended up leaving only one screen in
    more efficient for me, quicker.
    theres not really that much use in having 2 screens,
    besides maybe that you gonna getOnly kief in there
    no extra shit

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